Women Enabler-molesters

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This is a discussion thread on Women Enabler-molesters.  It deserves input from many people, it seems, even though it will be difficult to figure out at this start of it where it may lead.

A couple of days ago, Stephen Hicks sent a message that provided the title of this discussion thread.  Let’s take the definition of the scope of this discussion from that title and try to stay within that.  Any comments that will stray too far from that will be considered to be off-topic.  We need a bit of focus on this, or else we will wind up expanding this discussion to include all and every aspect of human nature.  In general, the blog rules for Dads & Things will apply.

Dear fathersforlife:
I am working locally in Hawaii with my state representatives to change the laws so that men AND women share equal punishment for child sexual molestation, hence women enabler-molesters.  Women for too long have felt “entitled” to the kids even after betraying them by either abusing them themselves or blaming their spouse without reporting it. 
These women deserve prison and loss of custody of their children to foster care.  They have already betrayed their kids by not speaking up about abuse immediately and their kids will never trust them because of that.  I was abused at home and in the Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout, disabled veteran). 
My sister was molested in the home and another relative was molested in the Boy Scouts.  My mother was an enabler-molester and acts as though there was no harm no foul – stereotypical thinking by someone who is not facing twenty years in prison for 1st degree child sexual assault.
I have gotten feedback from veterans councelors that women also, are child molesters and physically beat their kids.
If you are able to correspond with me or if you have anything to share, please do.  I have a website: healingpleasuresmodule.com and blog as sterrers on twitter.com, wordpress.com, evolver.net and blogger.com
Stephen Hicks

I responded 29/10/2010 6:55 PM

Hello Stephen,
Thanks for writing.
I know what you are writing about, having experienced some of it first-hand.
There are quite a few problems that will prevent effective exposure of the issue of sexual and physical abuse by women.  One of those is the inhibition instilled by ingrained western chivalry.  Men will not admit that women can be sexual abusers, and women, knowing better, will not leave their position of superiority and permit that position to be downgraded. 
The other is that it is not enough to expose the truth, but it is also necessary to reach the masses and to convince them of what the truth is all about.  When you try to do the latter, the first inhibition immediately kicks into action.  The vast majority of people will not be able to undo thousands of years of indoctrination and social tradition: women are saints, need to be put on pedestals, worshiped and protected from all evil — even from themselves.
The indoctrination that existed for as long as did civilization cannot be undone overnight and perhaps not even within one or two generations.
About bringing about laws that provide for equal punishment for men and women who commit crimes of equal severity, we have those laws already in place.  There are exception, such as for some laws where, confronted with the reality that women are as likely to act criminally as men are (and in some cases far more so).  The inevitable consequences, namely that women need to be punished as severely as men, required first of all that women are also acknowledged to be guilty of committing certain crimes.
You’ve got to be realistic about that.  The problem is with the application of those laws in an objective and equitable fashion.  There is again the obstacle of western chivalry.  That creates the mental and emotional disability to find women guilty or deserving of equal punishment.  Still, when those realities prove to be unavoidable, that results in the desire to create new categories of crimes for women.  They must be invented to have legal avenues that eliminate the need to treat women as being fully equal to men. 
A prime example of such a crime is child murder.  For men who commit child murder, there is no escape, no excuse and only the full punishment that the law demands.  Child murders commited by women get re-classified to the crime-category infanticide. Only women can and routinely avail themselves of infanticide.  Their punishment very rarely requires more than a nominal sentence or conditional incarceration.  Most often, women who murder children are released, after trial, in exchange for time already served before the trial, if any time was served at all.
The history of the contortions that society went through with rationalizing the necessary escape from the reality of women committing almost exactly 70 percent of all child murders (with men on the other hand committing about nine percent of those types of murders — with corresponding and comparable proportions of serious physical child abuse) was addressed in an article I wrote more than ten years ago: “Infanticide or “Post-natal Abortion“”.  The article contains quotes from a chapter of Patrica Pearson’s book, “When She Was Bad”.  You should have a good and careful look at that.  That makes clear what needs to be overcome.
If that article is not enough to convince you of the existence of the windmills you attempt to tilt against, have a look at the results of a site-specific search for “infanticide” at our website.
That is the situation with respect to a problem that is well-established and has been proven throughout history.  The problem of exposing women’s guilt in cases of sexual child abuse they commit is far more difficult to overcome.  It has not ever been exposed to even a tiny fraction of the extent of child murders by women.  Men who as children experienced sexual abuse by women (most often by their mothers) will wave it off and at best perhaps claim that it was good for them, while women will refuse to admit that women can be human to such an extent that they can be as beastly or even more so than men can be.
What suggestions do you have for making a full exposure of the reality of that issue; not only that, but to get society to accept that it exists?  For one thing, to my knowledge the problem of child-sexual-abuse by women has not ever been formally researched.  I would welcome solid evidence to the contrary you can provide.
All the best,
Walter Schneider

On 29/10/2010 10:00 PM, Stephen Hicks responded to that:

Hello Mr. Schneider:
Thank you for a wonderful letter. I rushed to Google to find a Canadian statistics- based site that you are probably aware of: child-abuse-effects.com/female-sex-offenders.html  It is a real primer on all the issues you describe.  In Google there are multiple stats on Female Sex Offenders that I’m sure you are aware of.  And cases where wives were convicted or sex acts along with spouses.
My mother was “just doing her job!”  And she still feels she wouldn’t have done things any differently, that is, my step-father had he been caught would have done the time, and she would have retained custody as a teacher and devoted mother.  I lost trust in her and consider that she was an enabler-molester although I’ve forgiven her.  Had their been a law to cover her “category of crime”, she would not have such a cavalier attitude about both her oldest kids being molested (I was also beaten up).  However my mother “trolled” for a professional spouse to have three more kids and that was her priority – she was abused also.
As you mention, most young children are killed by women (nearly 2000 in the U.S.last year).  They are young, poor and uneducated predominately.And you’re right, they aren’t considered dangerous murderers like men.
Genocide Laws have changed to include atrocities in War AND Peace-time.  There  is currently a United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (signed by South Africa and not by the U.S).  The U.S. has not signed on to the ICC, International Criminal Court of the UN last I checked.  In Hawaii twenty years ago a domestic abuse case would end up with the men arrested 99% of the time.  Now both are charged and arrested and they can’t drop their allegations.  Men used to do the time for most all drug-related crimes and now women are certainly catching up for lost ground.
I consider kids to be hostages in a child abuse home.  New category of crime – mayhem:  willful and permanent crippling or disfigurement of a person;  needless or willful damage.  There is a statute for mayhem in Hawaii.generally applied to spouses in lieu of aggravated assault.  In Hawaii the age of consent is 14 so coupled with a 35% rate of reporting for abuse, it’s no wonder the whole state has only 3,234 registered sex offenders.  Raising the age has fialed in the past (a cultural thing).
The Hawaii AG told me that of the 60 million kids 14 and under the DOJ Uniform Crime Reports lump them together with aggravated assault (nearly one million last year) rather than elaboating on the types of crime and the risk behavior.  This should change, as the average person doesn’t want to think about Church and Boy Scout abuse and certainly doesn’t consider their neighbors child abusers.  Emotional battering is physical abuse and could qualify as mayhem.  Accessory to child abuse is no different than accessory to murder.
You know the statistics on child abuse from your research and the emotional scars that are caused by parental figures, close relatives and close friends over the years.  They finally got Al Capone on tax evasion didn’t they?  Your idea of new categories of crimes coupled with creative sentencing have a lot of merit – I don’t have illusions about rapid changes in the system.  Millions are writing about their experiences for healing purposes and to leave a legacy of sorts to others.  Both my sister and I are in our late fifties and still healing – the step-father committed suicide in 1966.
My website is a famiily community service project of sorts, harping on the issues and guiding people to resource lists besides the government.  If women were charged with serious crimes related to child sexual molestation and beating and emotional battering, it would seriously affect the tax base of the United States.  The U.S. needs a Natiional Level Department of Childrens Affairs as our Department of Health and Human Services is spread out all over the place and doesn’t fund child welfare properly or truant officers for that matter (U.S. high school drop out rate of 30%, President Obama mentioned boostup.org)
I’ve received compliments for including your conservative site on my website and I was impressed with it and haven’t studied it.  I would love to have a better organized website but am a novice and my relatives are very busy (I am a disabled veteran and happy with life, knowing I can only do so much without being a glutton for punishment)
The issue of Man/Woman Hate is a good research project along with that of researching just how many children are molested by women.  I believe much aggravated assault is caused by women hating men for what they do to the children.  Women hate themselves AND what they allow to happen in the house.  And they definitely hate men.
You’ve given me a very good idea – all the facts are in Google, they haven’t been presented very well – piece-meal is not very convincing.  I don’t want to see every child abuser in prison, but they should pay a career price, a monetary damage and lose custody of their children at least.  Twenty years probation is a VERY difficult task in creative sentencing.  In Hawaii, 1st degree sexual assault of a child (no penetration alleged) mandates a twenty year prison term.  Quite often numerous crimes have been whittled down by a plea bargain to one count.
I’ll keep in touch, thanks for caring.
Stephen Hicks

My response, 30/10/2010 10:15 AM

Hello Stephen,
Thanks for writing back.

There is much in your response that I agree with  (actually, everything except that Google is a good source for research on violence statistics), but some of it and of what I stated earlier requires more comments and input by others.
Would you agree that our exchange should be posted as a discussion thread at Dads & Things?  Unfortunately, few people make comments there.  I have no idea why that is.  Both our website and blog have plenty of visitors, but few people comment that they post to the blog.  I wish that it were different, and an exchange of ideas like the one we are having may be just the thing to get more people to offer their opinions.
On the other hand, I receive a fair number of e-mails  and phone calls from people who write to me and call about various topics, but that is a bit of a waste of time or, better, a certain amount of hiding the truth from many.  Our blog would help much more to spread the message, which, I once thought, would be a good reason for launching it.  That will bring the discussion out into the open.
Sorry for not being able to get into more detail on any of this right now.  I will get back to it after I get back from our seniors club facilities, where I will have to do a bit of tidying up to get things ready for a group of people who will hold a memorial service there this afternoon.
I shall return to this later today.
All the best for now,

Stephen Hicks said, 30/10/2010 5:22 PM

Subject: Appropriate laws and creative sentencing for female child sexual enabler-molesters

Hello Mr. Schneider:
You are correct about Google, I was less than impressed.  I did find fathermag.com  female-offenders.com/bibliography.html  and crime.about.com/od/sex/ig/female-pedophiles/
You eloquently stated the basic female issue regarding the long-standing pattern of child abuse and I’m not in a position to do a scholarly study.  I can work locally with my representatives to pass legislation leading to fairness – as you point out when you say that the women don’t usually do the actual crime.  “I was just doing my job!” and accessory to 1st degree child sexual assault spanning years hold some weight and qualify for mayhem and hostage-taking and cruel and unusual punishment, however.
Kids definitely are hostages in a child abuse-mayhem household.  Now that most kids have cell phones, I’d like to see the child welfare hotline phone number on their ID Tags.
A large number of people really don’t want to deal with the issue but it affects every aspect of our society and it’s illegal, not morally wrong or a sign of weakness in character.
I think ten to twenty years probation and loss of custody of children would be a creative non Draconian punishment and momentous deterrent for scofflaw women that are enabler-molesters.  I believe at least 5-10% of our sixty million children aged 14 and under are being sexually molested and/or beaten and emotionally abused, according to specific guidelines. 
That’s a huge number.  There are only 390 women in prison in New York for child sexual abuse and about 9000 men.  More than half are back in prison within a couple of years following release.  Note:  recently in Hawaii a woman care-giver was given twenty years in prison for severe child abuse (her abuse was demonic).
Although I wasn’t too impressed with Google there was one study saying that there are 64,000 female child molesters in the United Kingdom (co.uk/society/2009/oct/o4/uk-female-child-sex-offenders).  China and India each have approximately 100 million unmarried men due to infanticide.
In a nation that spends $2.1 trillion plus on health care and $1.3 trillion plus on VA health care, we should go easy on emotional battering which leads to aggravated assault in adults and a whole set of issues for children.
On the lighter side, speaking of music besides youtube, you might try pandora.com, kaparadio.com (Hawaiian) or ananda.org (Hindu).  I’m in great health and my sister and I are looking 25 years ahead, we shall see!  (she’s a performance artist and professor at San Diego State University).
Stephen Hicks

Any additional responses by Stephen, me or anyone else will be posted as comments to this discussion thread.  You will have to subscribe to this blog to be able to post comments.  That is necessary to prevent spam.  –Walter
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4 Responses to Women Enabler-molesters

  1. December 3, 2010 (Stephen’s Birthday)
    Delaware Jury Awards $30 million in Priest abuse case
    nyt.ms/hPS7Bo (Dec.1, 2010)

    A few states, California and Delaware for certain have passed “window”laws allowing for exceptions to the civil statute of limitations in these types of crimes. I believe this will be applied to women sexual abusers in the future and to women enablermolesters also. I believe that there are many constitutional issues that should alter criminal prosecution, holding child abusers and murderers (who I am learning are a majority of women or women and men in concert), responsible for crimes of adult children of enablermolesters. The Uniform Crime Reports don’t delineate male and female criminals in the Almanac.

    Like many others I have been misled by the media in my brief study of the issues, however my personal experience allows me to welcome facts that are new to me – that of being an adult child of a woman enablermolester. My whole life would have been different if my mother had reported abuse in our mayhem upper-middle-class home. She “wouldn’t have done anything differently.” Isn’t that the attitude of pedophiles and wayward priests?

    The impossible task of educating and changing society’s view of women in a short time would rapidly change with new statutes and a look at current, accurate research which is desperately needed.

    Both the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center – info@sfcapc.org and Dream Catchers For Abused Children – dreamcatchersforabusedchildren.com and @gmail.com state that 3 million children were abused last year. The San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center said that 2000 children died from abuse last year.

    In the crime section of the World Almanac and Book of Facts – 2011 (page 130), the total for aggravated assault (includes children according to the Hawaii AG office) was 800,000 for 2009; simple assault – 3 million (supposedly includes children); forcible rape was 88,000 (which includes children); sexual assault other than rape – 35,000 (which includes children); murder and non-negligent manslaughter was 15,000; and total violent crimes were 1,300,000. No dramatic changes from 2008. There are no references to male v female statistics.

    Jim Hopper, Ph.D. Harvard and DHHS figures were less than one million for abused/maltreatment children in 1999. Most references I have found use the number that 35% of abuse cases are reported. Does this mean three times the DHHS figures or three times the advocate figures are the total number of abused kids? At any rate, there is a huge discrepancy between children abused and total violent crimes reported by Crime in the United States, 2009, FBI, US DOJ, http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/ucr.htm

    I suggest that this is because there is constitutional bias toward women and against men. I believe all assaults against children are aggravated and include emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

    So I hope I haven’t disturbed the wrongfully alleged peacefullness of women!

  2. stephen w. hicks says:
    November 29, 2010 at 4:51 pm

    To clarify one point, my intention, in saying that women rarely do the crime, I meant the crime of child abuse as compared to men (as I believe men commit millions of child sex abuses). I need to be more accurate with my statements. I think we need to take a nation-wide hard look at the wrongfully alleged peacefulness of women.

    The following is a little dated, but it sheds a little more light on the relative culpability of the sexes with respect to child abuse, although sexual abuse of children is not specifically mentioned.

    In the US in 1999, 70.3 percent of perpetrators of child abuse were female parents acting alone or with others. Out of an estimated 826,000 victims of child maltreatment, nation-wide, 1,100 were fatalities. Their perpetrators break down as follows:


    31.5% Female Parent Only
    10.7% Male Parent Only *
    21.3% Both Parents *
    16.3% Female Parent and Other
    1.1% Male Parent and Other *
    4.5% Family Relative
    6.1% Substitute Care Provider(s)
    5.7% Other
    2.7% Unknown

    * “Male parent” in that context most likely is just about anything but a natural father.

    That means that, acting alone or with others, female parents were responsible in 69.1 percent, and male parents in 33.1 percent of cases of fatal child maltreatment.
    Note: Child Maltreatment 1999, Fig. 4-3 http://www.calib.com/nccanch/chma99.pdf

    Predominantly women, not men, kill children

    Given that women are more likely than men are to seriously or fatally abuse children, there appears to be little doubt that women quite possibly also perpetrate the majority of sexual abuse of children. The truth about that is very slow to emerge, but you can find some of it at the following links:

    See also: The extent of involvement by women in the sexual abuse of children

  3. November 28, 2010

    To clarify one point, my intention, in saying that women rarely do the crime, I meant the crime of child abuse as compared to men (as I believe men commit millions of child sex abuses). I need to be more accurate with my statements. I think we need to take a nation-wide hard look at the wrongfully alleged peacefulness of women.

    On 5/17/10, the United States Supreme Court ruled that federal officials can indefinitely hold inmates considered “sexually dangerous” after their prison terms are complete (Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press Writer). President Bush signed the Adam Walsh Child Safety and Protection Act, which authorizes the civil commitment of sexually dangerous federal inmates.

    The Supreme Court’s reversal to a challenge of that law by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, VA, was argued by Solicitor General Elena Kagan, our new Supreme Court Justice. Their argument was on constitutional grounds.

    Regarding women enablermolesters whether as first-hand witnesses and/or participants, there needs to be a point in time where their category of crime requires prison and/or lifetime probation with ankle bracelets. Men routinely get twenty years for a single count of child abuse. If the women suffer from diminished capacity there are laws in place to put them in a mental hospital and/or conditional release indefinitely. My aim as the child of a women enablermolester is not to see all women enablermolesters go to prison. However currently there is no deterrent for a woman to speak up immediately upon first-hand knowledge of child sexual abuse and/or severe beating.

    Losing custody of their children is not a harsh enough punishment for letting children be sexually and/or severely physically abused for years. It is possible to make new laws, i.e. Hawaii, next term will consider the death penalty for severe aggravated assault and death of a child. I suggest it’s unconstitutional for men and women to be treated differently for the same crime AND that a new law for women enablermolesters needs to be put into effect on a federal level, allowing change in my lifetime.

  4. Stephen, with respect to your comment at 30/10/2010 5:22 PM, you said:

    I can work locally with my representatives to pass legislation leading to fairness – as you point out when you say that the women don’t usually do the actual crime.

    I do not recall saying that women do not usually do the actual crime. The opposite is true. To make it clear what my understanding of the issue is with respect to that, I will repeat some of what I had stated about that, above:

    The history of the contortions that society went through with rationalizing the necessary escape from the reality of women committing almost exactly 70 percent of all child murders (with men on the other hand committing about nine percent of those types of murders — with corresponding and comparable proportions of serious physical child abuse) was addressed in an article I wrote more than ten years ago: “Infanticide or “Post-natal Abortion“”. The article contains quotes from a chapter of Patrica Pearson’s book, “When She Was Bad”. You should have a good and careful look at that, so you will realize what needs to be overcome.

    There are obviously great misperceptions about women’s propensity to violence, but it boggles the mind why women’s propensity to violence, supported by literally thousands of creditable academic research studies, should encompass only physical, not sexual violence and specifically exclude sexual violence and abuse against children.

    That would require women not to have any sexual appetites. Not only that, but women would literally have to be non-human, which explains why so many people consider women to be angelic creatures incapable of committing crimes of a physical or sexual nature. Anyone reading this and holding that belief may wish to educate himself a bit more about women’s violence and, additionally, about the fact that women sexually abuse children.

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