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Many thanks to George Rolph for pointing me to the Man Woman & Myth Video Series.
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MAN WOMAN and MYTH – Documentary Film Series

Documentary Film Series

Man Woman & Myth (the preceding link is to the video series on YouTube.)
Truth, Lies and the War on Men

The website [the website no longer exists, but the video series announced by it still does; follow this: Man Woman & Myth, to be able to watch the videos on YouTube] identified by the preceding link is one of the most important ones I have come across in decades.  It answers the concerns of many men’s and fathers rights activists who wrote to me over the years and expressed the wish for a video lectures series on men’s and fathers’ issues.

Well, the video project by Man Woman & Myth [that link no longer functions; use this link to an archived copy of the web page] is the answer they sought and to which many of them through their efforts tried to contribute more or less successfully.

About the Video Project

[The preceding link no longer functions.  Use instead this link to an archived copy of the web page on the Video Project.]

The Project

A documentary series, 7 years in the making, exploring all aspects of male-female relations from a man’s point-of-view. Looks at the various reasons behind the negative treatment of men in Western society, including the root cause: Feminism.
Consists of 49 short films on Feminism, Misandry, Equality, Domestic Violence and Education as well as Family issues like Paternity Fraud, Fatherlessness and Reproductive Rights.

As of now I have only been able to quickly browse the website and looked at no more than a quick sample of the 49 videos that are available there.  I am amazed at what has been put together.

I will watch all of the videos in the coming weeks and try to give that top priority.  As I go along with that, I will report on what I find.  It is quite obvious already that not many words at the website are wasted and that all of them are intended to mean what they say.

The first lesson I learned is that the website owner means everything he states in his “Notes on the Video”.  Read all of the notes.  Just as there is no way you can take in all of what the 49 videos present without watching all of them, so you will not be able to successfully understand the problems you may encounter in downloading, file-sharing or watching the videos without reading all of the notes.

My first impression is, Wow! The Man Woman & Myth video project appears to  have developed its scripts or it took its guidance from some of the same sources that guided me and the contributors to Fathers for Life over the years.  The video-project leader quite rightly states:

As a result of years of feminised programming, any film like the ones found here will be a bit like a bucket of cold water in the face in terms of the presentation of what I see as basic reality. Many people will not be used to this degree of forthrightness and honesty and some may be a little shocked.

That is absolutely no exaggeration, at best an understatement, and it is no wonder.  Look at the individuals that were interviewed and whose views are being presented:

Principal Interviewees

  • Angry Harry

Psychologist and prominent Men’s Rights activist,

  • Erin Pizzey

Author and Domestic Violence expert. Opened the world’s first domestic violence shelter in London and is a patron of the Mankind Initiative Men’s Charity. Author of the book “Prone to Violence”.

  • Stephen Fitzgerald

Former Director and National Organiser of the Mankind Initiative Men’s Charity.

  • Michele Elliott

Founder and Director of Kidscape, a children’s charity, and author of the book “Female Sexual Abuse of Children”.

  • Oliver Curry

Evolutionary Psychologist at the London School of Economics and contributing author to Demos, the independent think tank and research institute.

  • Professor Colin Francome

Professor Emeritus of Medical Sociology, Middlesex University. Author of the book “Improving Men’s Health”.

Alright.  That is all I can say for now.  I will be back about this and present more of my impressions as time goes on.   I hope that if you watch any of the videos – and you absolutely should – you will post a comment here.

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