Fatally devoted wife burns her husband to death

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Just about missed the latest on the case of Fatally devoted wife burns her husband to death.

A DEVOTED wife who fatally set her husband alight while trying to burn a mark on his penis has been acquitted of murder.

After deliberating for nine hours over two days, a Supreme Court jury today found Rajini Narayan not guilty, by majority verdict, of murder.

They instead ruled her crime – throwing petrol and a lit candle onto the back of her husband, Satish – was manslaughter.

That sort of devotion anyone would want to do without. Still, she got her wish, she lit his penis. So, there was a bit of collateral damage. That does not matter much, besides, her husband is not longer around to offer his opinion on her devotion.

Rajini Narayan cleared of murder, guilty of manslaughter for burning husband over penis argument

AN ADELAIDE woman has been cleared of murdering her husband after snapping, throwing petrol on him and setting him on fire when he scorned her plan to save their marriage by purifying his penis.

But Rajini Narayan, 46, was found guilty of manslaughter on Wednesday, at the end of her South Australian Supreme Court trial for murdering 47-year-old Satish Narayan in December 2008.

Crime of Opportunity

Hmm, she purified his penis, and she just happened to have the gasoline on hand in their bedroom to make a good job of the purification.

That was right after »She snapped and threw petrol on his back when he turned away from her saying “no you won’t, you fat, dumb bitch.”«  She surely responded like this, “My dearest husband, to whom I am so exceedingly devoted, permit me to clean the tip of your penis,” and proceeded to light him on fire. “It was just an accident, your Honor, honestly, I am telling the truth.” Yup, I am sure that’s how it was. The poor woman and the horror of it all. I hope that she comes out of it alright. Things like that can leave permanent emotional scars — you know?

Surely, the sentence will be light

Just the sentencing remains.  What do you think?  I predict a conditional sentence with time off for time already served.

You think that is outrageous?  What sort of a fiend are you?  Come on now, don’t you think that the poor woman has suffered enough already?

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  1. The Australian, Mar. 10, 2011

    Wife was provoked into setting fire to her husband, court is told


    AN Adelaide woman who killed her husband by dousing him with petrol and setting him on fire was clearly provoked, a judge has said.

    Rajini Narayan has been found not guilty of murder but guilty of the manslaughter of 47-year-old Satish Narayan in December 2008.

  2. A fitting conclusion to this and many other insanities like it to put men in their place is a reminder of what men, their fathers and grandfathers fight and fought for. Lest we forget.

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