Emotional effects of homosexuality

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Emotional effects of homosexuality

Hello [name not shown],

Thank you for your letter dated October 5, 2010.  I received the letter today.

You described your intentions to prepare for a 45-minute presentation on “the emotional effects homosexuality may have,” on individuals, I presume, although in your opening paragraph you emphasized that you are “focusing  on how being homosexual might affect a person’s daily life.”  Those two perspectives are related.  Still, each would require a unique and different scope of your inquiries, scopes that overlap in some areas.

Furthermore, you asked whether I could send to you “any informational materials, referrals, and/or suggestions” that I “might be able to share on this subject.”

What I can share in that respect is freely accessible at the website of Fathers for Life. You can find any material or information that is available there in relation to homosexuality by entering relevant keywords, subjects or topics of interest into the site-specific search-engine input field that is shown in the upper-right-hand corner of virtually every web page at the our website.

You must have accessed some of that material already.  However, as you asked for referrals, may I ask why you feel that the citations and sources shown in the accessible reference material are insufficient and prompt you to request the identification of additional referrals?

As to suggestions I may be able to make, you may wish to consider whether your presentation should not also include information that will put the consequences of homosexuality you wish to describe into a broader context, such as to identify causes of homosexual behaviour as well as health effects (some of which are without a doubt deadly) other than merely some emotional aspect and their effects of interest to you?

That would not require many words other than a short statement that those issues do exist and need to be of great concern, but that you put them aside for now, so as to permit you to focus on the issues that interest you.  You may also wish to explain why you deem the emotional aspect of homosexuality — selected aspects that interest you — to be more important than all others.  One has to wonder if your exclusion of the much shorter life spans of homosexuals and their so much earlier likelihood of death should not be mentioned in your presentation.  Surely, there is hardly a more powerful emotional effect affecting anyone than one’s own or a loved one’s early demise.


Walter Schneider
Fathers for Life
Dads & Things

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  1. The inquiry by the individual did not mention any aspects of the emotional effects of homosexuality on individuals.

    Just in case the individual decides to check this blog rather than to write back by snail mail and to ask for what those aspects of concern might be, here are two links to searches that provide some of the information on the effects of the homosexual life style she should investigate and discuss in her presentation.

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    homosexuality promiscuity

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