Men’s rights organization are being bought

Men’s rights organization are being bought

A Swedish fathers rights activist commented in an e-mail message:

Other men’s rights organizations/father groups can be bought, since they are [government-]funded, and in order to be [government-]funded in Sweden as a representative for men, you have to sign a document verifying [the existence of] male violence against women.

Yes, I agree.  To some extent and in a broader context, it is a universal problem.  Many organizers try their hardest to obtain official and legal charitable status for their organizations.  That applies not only to fathers rights organizations but to all service organizations.  The organizers do that because they believe that they can derive benefits from it.  In other words, it is being done because of greed.

Therein lies a fallacy.  The status of charitable organization is bought at a price, that being the handing over of independence.  The financial advantages derived from charitable status are a tool used by the government bureaucracy to enforce compliance.

As soon as an organization obtains charitable status, it gives the government bureaucracy power to meddle with its authority, immediately or even before applying, to be forced into toeing the party-line and being politically correct, and to change its scope and mission to fit whatever the scope of “political correctness” may change to in the future.

To extend that a little farther, the same principle is used to systematically deconstruct the sovereignty of the institution of the traditional nuclear family.  All that is necessary is to replace fathers in families with Father State.  This web page on family models explains that quite clearly, without anyone having to spend much more time than it takes to have a glance.

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