Glenn Beck – The Dangers of Fabian Socialism

Updated 2018 10 01

Glenn Beck explains Fabian Socialism.  Fabian socialism or Fabianism is socialism without the revolutionary reform by force called for in Marxism.  It still leads to the same end.

Thanks to Barry Hammond:

Required watching: A series of videos by Glenn Beck of Fox TV:

The Dangers of Fabian Socialism Oct 6, 2010 (41 minutes)

Look up other sources on Fabian Socialism, for instance this one.

More on the history and evolution of socialism is contained in an introduction to Igor Shafarevich’s book, The Socialist Phenomenon (1978, English-language edition 1980).

Make sure to do a “find in page” search of the text of The Socialist Phenomenon, for the term “slave”, to find all of the instances of it used in the book by Igor Shafarevich, whereby one is able to take in the point Igor Shafarevich wishes to drive home, namely how important a role slavery plays in a socialist system.


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