A letter of thanks

A few days ago I sent out a list of links to recent posts at Dads & Things, and then I received a letter of thanks.

On 15/09/2010 11:15 AM, Samuel M. Polhamus wrote back and stated:

Dear Walter,

Thank you for sending these articles out. I still am, and always will be, forever indebted to the contributions you’ve made for fathers and the rights of them and their children. Yes, as a political force to be reasoned with, we’re still fragmented and ineffectual. Yes, I agree, what our government does with our children once they are able to get their hands on them through the family courts is as leading an indicator that our freedoms are being stripped and socialism is on the march as any indicator available.

We fathers are typically left destitute and demoralized after our experiences. Demoralized poor people make for a poor fighting force.

Our children were fortunate; after the family courts stripped us of all our wealth (minimum of $250,000.00) and left our kids to live with the one parent who treated them as income producers, our children’s pleas to their mother to live with me were finally answered. As my fight was about the commitment to keep our children in their passion – successfully competing with their horses in the rodeo arena – my spare time is devoted to constant rodeo practices and competitions – and two part-time jobs to finance this endeavor. Our kids are now overwhelmingly happy and there have been huge and positive adjustments in their academic and social skills.

I will never forget how government intrusion nearly totally ruined our lives. Not to the point that I throw away the reason I fought the fight – keeping our kids interest first. However, our youngest is thirteen and once they’re on their own I look forward to rejoining the father’s rights movement at a fanatical level.

I have a close friend who, I strongly believe, is going to be elected our new state senator in November. We’ve got some plans to help his campaign in the next month and I strongly believe we’re going to have a very strong father’s advocate in our state government. Presumptive Equal Placement, I like to believe, is close to becoming law in Wisconsin. With this law, I am convinced, most of the problems associated with divorce will go away.

Again, it was awesome to see you still on the look out for us and helping us educate ourselves.

God bless you and Ruth.

Samuel M. Polhamus

Sam, many thanks for that.  –Walter and Ruth

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