Swiss pioneer shelter for newly separated husbands

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10 September 2010

Swiss pioneer shelter for newly separated husbands

By [2018 04 17: Name removed upon request by author], Reuters

Geneva (Reuters) – A trickle of newly separated Swiss fathers looking for shelter and help after marital breakdown have been finding a warm bed and a sympathetic ear from a pilot project on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Protestant pastor Andreas Cabalzar has founded Switzerland’s first shelter for newly separated fathers in the Swiss village of Erlenbach, not far from Geneva….(Full Story The link no longer functions, and the Internet Archive has no archived copy of the article. However, Reuters’ website still features a copy of the original news-wire article.)

Battered men’s shelters

Although domestic violence is in the vast majority of cases mutual violence and slightly more often initiated by women that by men, there are., with extremely rare exceptions, no shelters in which battered men can find refuge with their children.

Over the years and decades during which battered women’s shelters became all-pervasive and virtually inexhaustible sources of revenues through found-raising  for feminist issues and programs in the developed nations, any attempts to establish battered men’s shelters faltered due to lack of funding and in some cases through obstruction by feminist-dominated and -controlled government bureaucracies.

Virtually all of the few battered men’s shelter that opened their doors and began to serve men in need on account of marital strife struggled for survival and in short order closed their doors again due to shortages of funding and other necessary resources.

You may wish to explore this issue in some more depth with information at the website of Fathers for Life.   Here are links to pertinent articles and reports at:

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  2. Suicide in Alberta, Canada: July 1st 2000, Canada Day — Proud Canadians?

From that:

In the greater Calgary region suicides are now the leading cause of death for boys and men in the age group 10 to 49, ahead of murder, ahead of traffic accidents, and ahead of all other causes of death in that age group….

There are now [in the year 2000] over 3,000 male deaths each year in Canada due to suicide – fifty times the number of women killed in domestic violence incidents and four times as many as the number of girls and women who commit suicide….

Dear Ms Staniland and Dear Mr. Harrington:

Please, don’t tell us what type of help you need to alleviate the escalating epidemic of Calgary suicides.  Tell us what you are going to do about it!

How come you don’t tell us how many of these suicides would have been prevented if there would be as much funding for battered men’s shelters as there is for battered women’s shelters?

Do you know that not a single battered men’s shelter is in operation in Alberta or in all of Canada?  What will you do to get battered men’s shelters into operation, so that men and boys don’t have to escape their abusers by fleeing into death as the only viable avenue open to them?

Why don’t you tell us how many of these suicides happened because the victims had no help lines to call because no money is made available to fund suicide help lines for men?

Why don’t you tell us to what extent the problem of male suicides could be alleviated if there were an office of the Secretary of State Status of Men?  That approach appears to work wonders for women.  Would it not be just as effective for men?  We can’t very well appeal to Hedy Fry, Secretary of State Status of Women (Liberal) to make help available for men, as she openly stated that she would gladly fund any men’s program –  even if men were Martians – provided the program would clearly demonstrate that it will benefit women.  She sure knows how to rub salt into wounds, doesn’t she? ….

In the interval from 1950 to 1992 the number of annual Canadian youth suicides grew by a factor of ten!  Just as  Nancy Staniland, who denies that there has been any historical growth in the suicide rates, the Mental Health Division, Health Services Directorate, Health Canada doesn’t appear to be too concerned about that.  They didn’t provide an update since the 1994 publication of the data presented in their report “Suicide in Canada (1994).

Please, now that you have information at hand that is of somewhat better quality than that which you conveyed to Joe Woodard of the Calgary Herald, could you possibly see your way clear to exert some pressure on Health Canada to bring this suicide problem of such tragic proportions to the attention of the Canadian public?

You would do it if the sexes were reversed, wouldn’t you?


Walter H. Schneider


  1. U.S. Surgeon General Concerned About U.S. Suicides

    Quoted from that:
    The AP article continues:

    Increasing research on suicide risk and prevention programs. Formally evaluating suicide prevention programs to determine what works.

    —End of Article—

    The efforts should focus on the various age groups in proportion to the relative risks of the sexes in each age group.  That would mean that, depending on age group, any funding allocations and other efforts would have to be between three to twelve times higher for males than for females.  If anyone truly cares, that’s what will be done.  What would help too would be to provide funding for men’s help lines and battered men’s shelters.  There is none for those. [Note]

    If nothing else, simple economics should dictate allocation of funding according to where the highest number of productive life-years are lost.  That is most definitely with males, especially when one considers that men are still the work horses of the nation.  We wouldn’t want women to have to take up all the high risk jobs, would we?  That’s what had to be done in Europe when tens of millions of men lost their lives in two devastating world wars.  As a result of that, women had to leave the comforts of home and jump into the breach to take up the job positions vacated by the men who left life and limb for their countries and families.


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