What about mothers for life?

Heidi wrote: what about mothers for life.????

I am quite resentful for this, as it is a one sided  coin…   I am a single mother.. who left an emotionally abusive relationship.. where my children were being hit.  My ex stopped bothering with the kids.. of which only one was his… years passed… and he was reported for income tax fraud .. he spent multitudes of thousands  of dollars.  To get custody of my son…. separate him from his siblings and mother… only to be fired into programs to enable his father to continue the same life he had before… no alterations to my exes life at all… just  child care programs added to the bills. MY son was removed from my home and taken   4 days drive away .. into another country. My child must feel like he has been kidnapped by  his estranged father…. the one who made the choice to  walk out and bandon him years before. The father that didnt call..the father that didnt show up for visits… and when he did..  he had his new woman… nice….  Some fathers are not worthy of their kids.

As Always…… Heidi

Response by F4L:

Heidi, you don’t specifically state what you are resentful about, but, judging by the header of your message, it seems that you resent the name of the website of Fathers for Life.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to respond to any valid causes of your resentfulness, because the ostensible reasons you seem to offer are complaints about your ex-husband, for which we must apparently just take your word, as we do not get to know his side of the argument.  Still, far be it from me to become involved in your divorce-and-custody squabbles, as even the worst judge makes at least a pretense of where between the stories by the two sides in such an argument the truth may be.

However, you project from your displeasure with your ex to make a moral judgment on others, and from there you make a leap of faith by using your displeasure with your ex to fuel your displeasure with the name “Fathers for Life”.  How do your personal problems fit into that, and why do they make you resent the name of the website of Fathers for Life?

Heidi, you live in a free country.  Nothing prevents you from fighting back with a website of your own that you may wish to call “Mothers for Life”.  It would be for a good cause.  Go for it!


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  1. Allan Chinnery wrote:

    Good answer. Her distress, which causes her and everyone else’s inability to separate their issues from the legal issues is what the lawyers union and their henchmen, the judiciary hide their criminal behavior behind.

    It may well be that it’s easier for Canada’s justice system to blame the victim, and anyone that tries to work things out is considered weak by the judiciary and gets screwed.

    Why was her acess denied? It’s not a question of whether women do this shit all the time. It’s a question of why the judiciary lets anyone get away with it.

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