Wanting a normal, stable, heterosexual relationship

Wanting a normal, stable, heterosexual relationship

[Name not shown] wrote:

Hey my name is [not shown] and I just wanted to thank you for your website. I only recently discovered it and I’m happy and proud there are people out there who are trying to redeem something from this crap we’re in as men.

I’m only 19 years old but I already see how we’ve been sold a lie and everything normal and stable is being destroyed. Unlike most guys I know and see, I want a partner and family sometime in the near future, but I find it difficult and frustrating when I go out and see amongst the groups of young women who debauch themselves and act like sluts.

Luckily though, most of my close friends want what I want, both male and female, and in some ways I find it relieving that there are some out there who wish for a normal, stable, heterosexual relationship.

Thanks again

Response by F4L: Thanks for the thumbs-up.

I probably don’t have to tell you any of this, but just in case you want to have a check-sheet that you can also give to some of your friends, these ideas may help you to find the right woman to share your life with.  It takes a bit of common sense and open eyes.  You have more than enough of that.

Messages like yours convince me that I have not wasted a good portion of my life and resources with writing about such things.

All the best,


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