False rape claims around the country [U.K.] and abroad

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Guest post by George Rolph

[Note, 2013 06 18: George Rolph is presently in the 29th day of a hunger strike, and Atos, a French corporation that holds an estimated £3billion in Government contracts, escalated its campaign against George Rolph and other disabled people in the U.K. by engaging in a campaign of character assassination directed against George Rolph.]

Feminists tell us that false rape claims are rare and we should all believe every woman that makes a rape claim, because not doing so deters other females from coming forwards. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. When we believe every woman who cries rape, we open the door to massive injustice that can destroy the life of the accused completely and leave them open to assault or even death. What is more, false rape allegations have the effect of diluting the credibility of genuine rape victims when they stand before a jury.

The feminist position hurts everybody and seeks to protect those other criminals who make malicious and false allegations against the innocent.  Whether those allegations involve the horrendous crimes of rape or domestic violence.

From the feminist position, hurting as many men as possible may seem like an ideal to be pursued and indeed they have written widely that this is their aim. One has to wonder what kind of sick, misandrist mind-set wants to do that and why society has been giving so much credibility to those feminists who hold these sick views? It is surely time to begin asking some very deep and penetrating questions of those who hold onto these desires.

As someone who has fought for over thirty years now to get justice for male victims of abuse who are often arrested for being the victim, I have long been warning about how women who assault their male partners in the home will often give themselves injuries to make their claims look credible to gullible  and badly trained police officers (police officers most likely to have been trained by feminists and indoctrinated into a feminist view of domestic abuse, incidentally) These claims of mine have been dismissed as the ranting of a man who hates women. A claim I most fiercely deny. Hating what some bad females do is not the same as hating women as a group! In fact, I wrote a fictional story and published it online years ago to illustrate how women, filled with hate against male partners, can manipulate the police and media by the use of self inflicted injuries.  (You can read it here: http://www.fictionontheweb.co.uk/heads.html )

In one of the true stories at the links below you can read the following account:

“A young woman who ripped her clothes and gave herself a black eye to support her rape lies was yesterday jailed for three years…”

Further on in the story we get this detail:

“The frilly dress and leggings she had been wearing had apparently been ripped in the attack, clumps of her hair had been hacked off and she had a black eye and scratches to her breasts and legs.

But police became suspicious, and tests showed the Libyan-born former children’s holiday rep had ripped her own clothes and inflicted the injuries herself to back up her fabricated claims…”

It is only when reading real accounts about the lengths some women will go too, out of sheer spite and hatred for the male sex, to do as much damage to them as possible and where they can, to misuse the law and media to inflict this damage, that the reality of what really goes on in homes up and down the land begins to sink in. It is a reality the police, those in the legal system, the media and the politicians need to think about and investigate as thoroughly as possible. It is also as clear an indication as it is possible to have why the ideology of a particular political group with a gender axe to grind, cannot be allowed to make social or political policy that will affect the lives of millions of people. Many of whom may not share that ideology. Slanted views will always lead to injustice. Balance and sober reflection should always accompany those who make and maintain laws. Not an ideology which is neither balanced or sober and which must lead to gross injustice and social harm. How can it be right that a group known to hate marriage and the family are given a powerful political platform to preach their views, for example, while those in favour of both are denied the same? How can it be fair, equitable and just that these political groups are also funded by the state when their opponents are not?

All of the false rape stories in the press at the links below you will notice have the following dates attached. All come from just one Google search carried out today.

16th July 2010
28 July 2010
1st August 2010
2nd August 2010
10th August 2010

Six cases found from around the country [the U.K.] being dealt with by the courts in just one two-month period! I will leave the conclusions about how serious this menace is up to the reader. What I would draw attention too is the staggering differences in weak sentences being handed down for this life destroying and wicked crime in British courts.

Here is a story about the same crime — this time being perpetrated for financial gain against British men — from Greece. Note how the story blames the males.

Dated 09 Aug 2010 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/greece/7933190/Britons-trapped-in-false-rape-sting-by-blonde-Swede-on-Greek-island.html  Sweden, incidentally, is a European feminist hot spot.

Please, take some time to read through and analyse these stories and draw your own conclusions about the nature and frequency of this terrible crime. If you have a blog or web site of your own, perhaps you should get a discussion going? We cannot just pass by on the other side and let those with an agenda of hate go on being responsible for making our social, legal and political policy on these important human issues.

For more study on the effect of social misandry please go here: http://www.manwomanmyth.com/

Please circulate widely on your lists.

George Rolph

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