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Status of Women Canada — money for Alberta women

Last updated 2018 10 03 Status of Women Canada gives another million dollars in money for Alberta women. FYI: Recipient Name: Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters Location: Edmonton, Alberta Date: 2009-12-02 Value: $1,000,000.00 Type: Contribution Purpose: This three-year project will bring together provincial / territorial shelter organizations across Canada to work to improve the access to and quality of services for women who are in abusive situations, with a focus on Aboriginal, immigrant and rural women. The project will coordinate the national exchange and implementation of proven, promising, and innovative practices and service delivery models across Canada, through the establishment of a national network, including a strategy and action plan … Continue reading

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Wanting a normal, stable, heterosexual relationship

Wanting a normal, stable, heterosexual relationship [Name not shown] wrote: Hey my name is [not shown] and I just wanted to thank you for your website. I only recently discovered it and I’m happy and proud there are people out there who are trying to redeem something from this crap we’re in as men. I’m only 19 years old but I already see how we’ve been sold a lie and everything normal and stable is being destroyed. Unlike most guys I know and see, I want a partner and family sometime in the near future, but I find it difficult and frustrating when I go out and see amongst the … Continue reading

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Is the world overpopulated?

Is the world overpopulated? At the website for Fathers for Life, the web page that displays population pyramids for selected countries is the sixth-most-popular web page at the site. That web page has a footnote I thought to quote in the following.  I want to show the footnote because of an addition I made to it today on account of something I read that supports the assertions I made in the footnote.  I had said that all of the world’s population could fit into a land area the size of Alberta, with a house for each family (of three, on average) and enough land for each house to supply some … Continue reading

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Midwife blames UK baby boom on cold winter

Last updated 2018 10 03 Midwife blames UK baby boom on cold winter.  Why not?  The cold winter will serve as well as do power outages and having showers with a friend.  Anything that brings people closer will do. The Independent Baby boom blamed on cold winter PA Wednesday, 25 August 2010 …independent midwife Joy Horner, of Birth Joy, said bad winters often led to baby booms. She told the Portsmouth News: “We do see a rise in conception rates when there’s been severe weather. The weather does have an impact. “The snow could definitely be the reason for the baby boom next month. “If you can not get out … Continue reading

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Australian newlyweds — Women far more violent than men

Last updated 2018 10 04 Australian newlyweds — Women far more violent than men Thanks to Peter Forster Taken from: Halford, WK., Farrugia, C., Lizzio, A. & Wilson, K. (2010). Relationship aggression, violence and self-regulation in Australian newlywed couples. Australian Journal of Psychology, 62(2), 82-92. “Female violence was more common than male violence, with 76 women (20%) and 34 men (9%) reported to have been violent. A two x two chi-square showed a significant association between female and male violence, ײ(I, n=379) = 90.23, p<.001. In violent couples the most common pattern was for only the woman to be violent (n=48/82 or 59% of violent couples), next most common was … Continue reading

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False rape claims around the country [U.K.] and abroad

Updated 2019 05 16, to add links to related articles. FALSE RAPE CLAIMS AROUND THE COUNTRY [U.K.] AND ABROAD Guest post by George Rolph [Note, 2013 06 18: George Rolph is presently in the 29th day of a hunger strike, and Atos, a French corporation that holds an estimated £3billion in Government contracts, escalated its campaign against George Rolph and other disabled people in the U.K. by engaging in a campaign of character assassination directed against George Rolph.] Feminists tell us that false rape claims are rare and we should all believe every woman that makes a rape claim, because not doing so deters other females from coming forwards. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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In praise of older women

Today someone sent me some sort of statement, ‘In praise of older women’ (I received it a number of times already), falsely alleged to have been composed by Andy Rooney. I wrote to her: Claire, No, anyone searching his memory for a 60-minutes program in which he did say that will search in vain.  It was not Andy Rooney who said or wrote it. Here is the truth about that one:  [You can find the whole piece she sent at that link.] As you can see at his website, the true originator of it, Frank Kaiser, did not say the gross parts of it either.  Which proves that one … Continue reading

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The reality of communist ideology

The reality of communist ideology Glenn Beck produced a documentary that many people who do not watch Fox TV have not seen, but they should. Ideology is a concept that is somewhat related to idealism.  For some confused people the two concepts are interchangeable. Ideology: 1 : visionary theorizing 2 a : a systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture b : a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture c : the integrated assertions, theories and aims that constitute a sociopolitical program (Merriam Webster OnLine) Idealism: 1 a (1) : a theory that ultimate reality lies in a realm transcending … Continue reading

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