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A request for an interview

A request for an interview Bill [not his real name] wrote: Dear President or Chair person, I’m [name omitted], a student of the [location omitted] Film School. I’m going to make a 10 minutes mini documentary about marriage life of Man. I came from Korea and had run Korean Fathers Club for 10 years before I moved to Canada. So I have quite a keen interest in fatherhood. According to your research, about 75 % divorces are being initiated by women. I would like to interview about this matter It won’t be long and it will take 2 hours maximum. This film will show that why young people hesitate [to enter] marriage. … Continue reading

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Why we have two hands, men use them to make things

“Why we have two hands,” said the caption for two photos a woman had sent to me.  One photo was of a little girl with a credit card and a cellphone, and the other of a little boy holding a remote control and his genitals.  I wrote to the woman who had sent me those two photos.  She did not write back.  Does that mean that she became puzzled and was left speechless, or that my comments drove the lesson home and there was nothing more to be said? Vicky [not her real name], You told me that you don’t like reading.  Nevertheless, do me a favour and read all of … Continue reading

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