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On-going custody battle

Updated 2019 05 11, to add epilogue and links to related articles. Recounting his on-going custody battle, today  a deserted and frustrated father wrote to me about his on-going attempts to follow his ex for thousands of miles, so as to be able to continue to play a role in his son’s life. While the man was involved in custody hearings in a province in Central-Canada, his ex-common-law-wife had moved to a city at the west coast of Canada, then to Winnipeg, Manitoba, from there to London, England, and ultimately to Australia. Here is my response. Hello Bill (not the real name), As I read your account, the first thing that … Continue reading

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Sex and artistic analysis

Last updated 2018 10 06 Sex and artistic analysis — You may have an interest in odd things, but I don’t know whether you have an interest in odd art. Escher’s art fascinated me since before I could read.  The front page of today’s Edmonton Journal carries an image that is an example of Escher’s art. That image does not do complete justice to the relationship between mathematics and art that Escher’s art focuses on. Here is a gallery of Escher’s art. There is a specialized branch of such art, perspective street art, something that M.C. Escher never touched on.  A more specific designation of such art is anamorphic painting.  That … Continue reading

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