Praising gender inequity raises feminist ire

Last updated 2018 10 07

Praising gender inequity raises feminist ire

Student won’t be punished for satirical posters

A University of Alberta student [of women’s studies] whose satirical posters had him facing probation or expulsion learned Wednesday he won’t be punished after all.

Derek Warwick, a fourth-year women’s studies student, said the posters were supposed to be a humorous way to get people talking about comments from the university president about a decline in male enrolment…. Full Story

Addendum 2018 10 07

What Can I Do With a Gender & Women’s Studies Degree?

The short answer is anything!

We prepare you with superior skills in writing, research, analysis, and communication, along with an understanding of many social issues.

These are practical transferable skills that are highly valued by today’s employers.  In light of society’s growing awareness about gender and equity, career opportunities for our graduates are excellent.

— Source: Trent University
Why Gender & Women’s Studies at Trent?

That is the short answer.  Then there is the realistic answer: Not a Heck of a lot! (At least not with a degree in women’s studies, which is why gender and women’s studies have now been conflated.)

The death of feminism at British universities

By Harry Mount

Quietly, without much fanfare, women’s studies has disappeared from British universities.

In the 70s, 80s and 90s, thousands of students across the country took the subject.

Over the last five years, numbers have dropped by 75 per cent and only 35 students are doing it this year. This summer, the last place offering the course, London Metropolitan University, is stopping women’s studies altogether.

The main feminist struggles have been won, and the more ludicrous ones – bra-burning, the insistence that all men are oppressors – have been quietly dropped…. Read more

“…the insistence that all men are oppressors – have been quietly dropped…”,  not quite so, as many men persecuted in the courts of feminist inquisition can attest (i. e.: Brett Kavanaugh and the U.S. Senate confirmation hearing, re: the unsubstantiated allegation that he participated in the attempted gang rape of Dr. Ford, 36 years earlier, when both attended high school).

The legacy of women’s studies

The legacy of women's studies remains

The legacy of women’s studies remains

Other than that, the article at has it right:

“Students have begun to realise, too, that women’s studies is useless for getting you a job. It’s no coincidence that the subject’s collapse coincided with the introduction of tuition fees. The moment you start paying for something is the moment you consider whether it’s really worthwhile….”(Full Story)

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