Dads & Things blog-updates back in operation

Dads & Things blog-updates back in operation

For about a week now, the online access for F4L was out of commission.

The modem quit working but is now back in operation.  Shaw Cable, the high-speed service provider saw fit to send a new modem through the mail service.  That took a week, even though it would probably have been faster to give one of their service technician a new modem to drop off at our address — given that a technician is in our town virtually every day.

Anyway, that is now water under the bridge and no more than to be expected from a monopoly.

All that remains to be done now is to catch up on software updates.  After that there will be the regular updates (now a bit less frequently than before my heart attack in February).

Sorry for the delay, but things will be somewhat more normal from now on.


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  1. sweetgril69


    I am mother of 2 and have been married for 5 years my husband has 3 other kids with his X they were never married before am his first wife. He pays her $550.00 every two weeks he makes 2000.00 every week.
    But he makes me pay the house rent which is 745.00 every month. He only pays the hydro and some times buys the food but most of the time I do the shopping in the house. I work for $350.00 a week
    It so hard on me because I have to save up all my money to pay the house rent
    Is my husband being fair to me, or is he paying too much to his X some time i have no money at all
    please help me stand up to him


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