The economic down-turn and Canada

The economic down-turn and Canada

By Allan Chinnery

It is now official that Canada is in a depression as deep as any that it had been in before.  The Bank of Canada interest rate at 0.25% tells you that they are scared —-less and see no solution to the problem.  However there is a bigger problem.

The smart money, that of judges and lawyers was invested offshore because with Canadas judiciary it is not safe to keep it in Canada.  Such investments lost much of their equity when the banks started going down.  Most notable of interest to members of the Canadian Bar Association would have been UBS and the British banks.

Oh well, that is the nature of the investment game and it had a better chance of survivng there than being raided by Canada’s judges and tax department.  But it is high time Canada came up with a stimulus package for Canada’s divorce industry.

There are rumors floating around among the women of Canada that just stamping their pretty little feet does not add to the national product or in anyway raise the standard of living for Canadians.  What is worse, a few way-out-there females are actually saying it might be possible that Mr. Judge stomping his $400 dollar shoes and blustering about the power of his prison gangs will not produce wealth for anyone in Canada.

These terrible and seditious rumors have caused a serious slowdown in the divorce industry making it almost impossible for the afore-mentioned investors to recoup their losses.  It has been said that there are women in Canada that are working in and outside of the home, maintaining their credit ratings, being financially responsible.  I even heard of one who, for the good of her family, was driving a 5 year old car.

No wonder the auto industry is broken.  As you can see these untruths about how money is made are destroying the whole economy and are putting the judiciary’s credibility and powers into disrepute.

Stevie and the boys should immediately hold a secret meeting on how to infuse millions of dollars into the domestic violence sector to get these heretical ideas from the minds of Canadian women.  Failure to do this will undermine the power of judges blustering and foot stomping as well as perhaps resulting in calluses on the hands of members of the Law Society.

Such things will destroy the Canada that we have known for the last 20 years as it will fall backward in time to a place requiring effort not effect.

Allan Chinnery is an expunged, squeezed-dry father who survives by working as a gardener for about ten to 15 hours a week.

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