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Here is the chance you were always waiting for, a chance to have your say in public! is worth listening to (Tuesdays, PST 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.) and even worth promoting. Home Page: Listen live: Quoted from that web page: NOTE: We only Broadcast “LIVE…” on Tuesdays, starting approximately 30 minutes before showtime! If its not Tuesday, you will not get a live stream. The archived shows however, will stream. All archived audio on the web site is of the MP3 file format. Archived shows: Archived Shows All shows [a large and interesting list — WHS] are available for mp3 download For example: Download Show 8 Part Two There … Continue reading

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The economic down-turn and Canada

The economic down-turn and Canada By Allan Chinnery It is now official that Canada is in a depression as deep as any that it had been in before.  The Bank of Canada interest rate at 0.25% tells you that they are scared —-less and see no solution to the problem.  However there is a bigger problem. The smart money, that of judges and lawyers was invested offshore because with Canadas judiciary it is not safe to keep it in Canada.  Such investments lost much of their equity when the banks started going down.  Most notable of interest to members of the Canadian Bar Association would have been UBS and the … Continue reading

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