Why Men Earn More

Why Men Earn More

The pay gap between what men and women earn continues to be in the news. New legislation that aims at eliminating that pay gap is constantly and repeatedly being put into force.  Yet, as Warren Farrell explained in a 2005 speech at the Cato Institute, there are very good reasons for the pay gap.

The pay gap, where it exists, is due to women’s choices.  On the other hand, when women work just as men do — never marry, don’t have children, work in risky, stressful jobs, as many hours as never-married, childless men work at those jobs — women not only earn equal pay, they earn more than their male counterparts do, more by a considerable margin.

If you are interested in that issue and its causes, watch the video clips identified by the following.

Apr 8, 2009

Why Men Earn More
By Bernard Chapin

What follows is a series of video segments from Dr. Warren Farrell’s 2005 speech at the Cato Institute entitled “Why Men Earn More.” I thank Argus Eyes for posting this last fall. A reader reminded me of it the other day. I was not yet writing the daily blog at the time in which it was originally published so I could not link back to it. By the way, if you’re not familiar with Argus Eyes check out some of his other videos and don’t forget to subscribe if you like him. He’s a fine fellow. Here’s Part I: (Full Story)


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