Oprah is Harpo on Violent Women

Last updated 2018 10 13

Oprah Is Harpo on Violent Women. Oprah Winfrey helps to increase domestic violence in America. By remaining silent, on the truth about violent women, she perpetuates the problem, unwittingly?

She’ll Hit Again

Oprah Winfrey is increasing domestic violence in America. By being Harpo – remaining silent – on the truth about violent women, she unwittingly perpetuates the problem.? Repeatedly excusing women’s culpability and unfairly blaming men only serves to foment this pernicious societal scourge.

On March 19, 2009, Oprah aired an anti-male show about domestic violence (DV), to capitalize on the biggest news story: Rihanna. Oprah holds men totally responsible for both causing and ending DV. Outrageous! Nowhere on her show was mention of all-too-common incidents of female violence such as those involving actress Kelly Bensimon and NFL player Geno Hayes.

Instead, Oprah stridently cautioned her female audience: If he hits, he’ll hit again. Fair enough. Missing from her mantra, though, was: Never hit a man – out of anger, revenge, jealousy, hormone imbalance, or any reason whatsoever! Also absent from Oprah’s show was a reciprocal warning to men: If she hits, she’ll hit again.…(Full Story)


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