Heart Attack

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Heart Attack

Heart Attack

By way of background, in the morning of last Saturday (2009 02 14) I became rudely interrupted by a serious heart attack, was transported to the University of Alberta Hospital, underwent coronary angioplasty, had a blockage removed in one of my coronary arteries, a stent inserted, and am now back home.

I will be writing up a few observations about the experience as time goes by.

Before I do that, Ruth and I would  like to thank all of you for your concern and the real help you all provided.  Beyond any doubts, even though we are not necessarily physically close to one another, we are connected in heart and in spirit.

For me, the first new thing and application of one the rules I now must be careful about:  DO NOT drink “FiveAliveCitrusFruit”.  It contains grapefruit juice.  That interferes with one of the medications I must take on a daily basis from now on.

Ruth and I both woke up just after 2 a.m..  Ruth gave me some of that citrus-fruit juice but then came back to tell me about the dangers posed by grape-fruit juice.  Sure enough the juice did contain grape-fruit juice, and I am not allowed to drink even a drop of that.

At any rate, in spite of all the technological features, bells and whistles that the hospital bed I occupied for the last five days was equipped with, my own bed at home provides a far superior aspect: comfort, to which I shall now return.

Until later

Walter (and Ruth)
Bruderheim, Canada.


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  1. Praise God that the miracle of modern medicine has left us with Walter H. Schneider walking in our midst.

    At the risk of sounding like the eulogy, Walter has probably influenced me as much as anyone in my life – and I’ve been very fortunate to be influenced by some very great people. As long as I’m alive Walter will be alive for his influence on me is indelible. God please allow me to call Walter my alive friend for many many years to come.

    Please take care with your healing Walter and thank you Ruth for being Walter’s angel on earth.

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