Please help an innocent man.

HELP IS NEEDED! [for a man and loving father who is a victim of an epidemic of rape hysteria in Ellsworth, Maine]

When you think it could not get any worse for a man and his children, I assure you it can!

In the Bar Harbor area of Maine, a decent, loving, and dedicated father who decided to leave his 16 year relationship with his wife, and save their children from her mental insanity and physical abuse was charged and convicted on 2 counts of assault and 1 count of Gross Sexual Assault for allegedly splashing water in his wife’s face 3 years ago, for allegedly sexually assaulting his wife 2 years ago, and for allegedly pushing her on a chair 2 years ago.

There was NO evidence, NO investigation, and nothing more than an angry and coached wife’s testimony along with prosecutorial misconduct that resulted in a conviction.

During the trial no evidence or any mention was allowed of the wife’s history of false allegations against other men in her life, the use of restraining orders against the fathers of her children for custody, her psychiatric history, years of powerful medication use, the details of her outrageous and violent abuse of her partners and her children, or even the mention of her current divorce and custody battle with this man.

During the trial, the prosecutor violated this man’s basic Constitutional Rights when she told the jury that “there was no evidence that the sexual acts did not occur,” implying that a man was guilty unless he proved otherwise. Asst. DA prosecutor’s misconduct extended to making many inadmissible and prejudicial statements while stating statistics in her closing arguments in order to get a conviction and publicity regardless of the evidence, of the facts, or the truth in this case!

She even implied to the jury that no custody battle exists between the accuser and the accused.

During and after the trial, the defense attorney Motioned for Acquittal and a New Trial citing prosecutorial misconduct, inappropriate court rulings, and violations of this innocent man’s Constitutional Rights.

He [the man wrongly accused] is currently free on bail pending his sentencing in March 2009.

For the past 1 ½ years this innocent man has had custody of his two sons granted by the state of Maine while for almost 2 years his accuser has not been allowed contact with the children by Maine authorities.

If the conviction is not overturned and/or a new trial granted by March 5th, this innocent man could go to jail for 30 years while his two sons (12 and 3) will be taken by the State of Maine because their mother (the accuser) is considered a danger to them.

Please visit for more details about this outrageous case, and PLEASE HELP!

Letters of support, donations, and legal help is DESPERATLY needed!

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