Britain capitulates to Islamic terror, U.K.
2009 02 11

Britain capitulates to terror

By Melanie Phillips

If anyone had doubted the extent to which Britain has capitulated to Islamic terror, the banning of Geert Wilders a few hours ago should surely open their eyes. Wilders, the Dutch member of parliament who had made an uncompromising stand against the Koranic sources of Islamist extremism and violence, was due to give a screening of Fitna, his film on this subject, at the House of Lords on Thursday. This meeting had been postponed after Lord Ahmed had previously threatened the House of Lords authorities that he would bring a force of 10,000 Muslims to lay siege to the Lords if Wilders was allowed to speak. To their credit, the Lords authorities had stood firm and said extra police would be drafted in to meet this threat and the Wilders meeting should go ahead.

But now the government has announced that it is banning Wilders from the country. A letter from the Home Secretary’s office to Wilders, delivered via the British embassy in the Hague, said:

…the Secretary of State is of the view that your presence in the UK would pose a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat to one of the fundamental interests of society. The Secretary of State is satisfied that your statements about Muslims and their beliefs, as expressed in your film Fitna and elsewhere would threaten community harmony and therefore public security in the UK.

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Melanie Phillips got it right.  Islamic terror must be opposed!

Geert Wilder’s movie Fitna can be accessed via this blog entry. The movie Fitna opposes Islamic terror.

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  1. The Mole

    Mole Special: A Stranger in My Own Land
    January/February 2011

    I have just returned to London, where I have lived since I was 11. I have been away for four years, living as an ethnic minority in a monocultural part of the world, amassing a host of stories to tell to disbelieving friends. On the whole, I am glad to return. I shan’t miss some locals’ assumptions that, being a white woman, if I was outside after dark, as I occasionally was, usually to walk the few metres between my house and the church, I must be a prostitute eager to give them a blow job. I shan’t miss the abuse my priest husband received: the daubing of “Dirty white dogs” in red paint on the church door, the barrage of stones thrown at him by children shouting “Satan”. He was called a “f***ing white bastard” more than once, though, notably, never when in a cassock. I will also not miss the way our garden acted as the local rubbish dump, with items ranging from duvets and TV sets, to rats (dead or twitching) glued to cardboard strips, a popular local method of vermin control to stem the large numbers of them which scuttled between the rubbish piled in gardens and on pavements. Yes, I am very glad to have left….

    Read the full story. Some of you will not be surprised to learn that the priest’s wife had returned from “Britain’s second city”, Birmingham.

    From what the woman writes, things are no different in Birmingham than in Malmo, Sweden (where indigenous Swedes have been leaving for years); in areas of Amsterdam, Holland; Essen, in Germany; and in any other area of continental Europe, including France, even in Toronto and Edmonton in Canada, wherever Muslims congregate, not to be assimilated into our culture but encouraged to segregate.

    However, in Canada, we go one step farther, and I cannot describe that step, as that would leave me open to persecution and prosecution. You just have to watch the news and read the papers.

    Yes, our culture is abolishing itself, while worshiping multiculturalism, Gaea and the Great Manitou. Multiculturalism caused the Bosnian war, one of a series of recurring wars that punctuated the history of the Balkans.


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