Smoking Cannabis May Increase Risk of Testicular Cancer

Last updated 2018 10 20

Smoking cannabis may increase risk of testicular cancer.  Those using cannabis on at least a weekly basis had two and a half times greater odds of developing a non-seminoma TGCT (testicular germ cell tumours) compared to those who never used cannabis.


February 08, 2009

Marijuana may raise testicular cancer risk: study

Will Dunham

Marijuana use may increase the risk of developing testicular cancer, in particular a more aggressive form of the disease, according to a U.S. study published on Monday.

The study of 369 Seattle-area men ages 18 to 44 with testicular cancer and 979 men in the same age bracket without the disease found that current marijuana users were 70 percent more likely to develop it compared to nonusers.

The risk appeared to be highest among men who had reported smoking marijuana for at least 10 years, used it more than once a week or started using it before age 18, the researchers wrote in the journal Cancer….

About 8,000 men in the United States are diagnosed with testicular cancer per year, and there are about 140,000 U.S. men alive who have survived the disease, the group said….(Full Story)


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1 Response to Smoking Cannabis May Increase Risk of Testicular Cancer

  1. Orlandohot,

    I think that you provided the readers of this blog with a fairly good idea of what you were smoking when you wrote your comment. For one thing, smoking pot appears to cause an inability to write comprehensible and grammatically-correct sentences. Still, that may be only true for your personal case. It may not apply to all pot-smokers, just as all pot-smokers don’t necessarily contract testicular cancer.

    “About dads & things” (accessible in the upper left-hand corner of every page of this blog) contains the rules for this blog. Apparently you did not read those rules.

    You violated Rule #6, “Use facts and logic in your comments.”

    The “facts” you used in your comment may well reflect what you perceive about yourself, but the error in logic is that you project from them to everyone else.

    First of all, the fact that you perceive yourself to be free of testicular cancer does not prove that you are free of testicular cancer or that you may not contract it any time soon.

    The study cited in the article shows that in a fairly large study sample pot-smokers are more likely than those who never smoked pot are to have contracted testicular cancer.

    You object to that finding by reputable researchers, by stating that their study results are “pure BULL and propaganda!” Not only is that illogical, but it is also a violation of Rule #2 for this blog: “Make no ad-hominem attacks (any statement that a. appeals to feelings or prejudices rather than intellect, or b. is marked by or is an attack on an opponent’s character rather than being an answer to the contentions made)”

    You are therefore warned. Another infraction against the rules for this blog will get you barred from posting any comments.

    Aside from all of that. It appears that smoking pot may cause an impairment of your power of reasoning. I doubt it very much that you would be willing to ride in a taxi cab or in an air plane in whom the man at the controls happened to have finished a joint just before he takes you for a ride.

    I wonder whether you hold a constructive job. Employers for such positions generally have their employees provide random samples for testing. If you should test positive for having used pot or any other drug or intoxicant when holding such a job, you will be out of it and on the street looking for another one. That is hardly a good career move.

    Other than that, if you have no concrete proof other than your personal opinions on pot-smoking, don’t bother to comment again.


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