Life Saver in the event of a heart attack

Life Saver in the event of a heart attack

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The method for recovering from a heart attack caused by arythmia described in the article has been the subject of controversy.

Some people actually went so far as to declare the advice offered (a.k.a. Cough CPR) to be a hoax.  However, that allegation is undeserved.  A more extensive discussion relating to the details of the controversy is accessible at ‘Cough CPR’ is not a hoax.

Over the years a few people wrote to comment on the controversy and on its refutation.  Here is another response:

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I was just skimming the internet and found this article, I am a nurse and let me tell you I loved your response to the man in Texas.

First of all let me say that I have experienced alot of the same things you have with Dr.’s. They call it a “practice” for a reason. I have had to correct Dr.’s in the ordering of certain meds that would have surely killed the patient had I  not been well informed of their conditions and contraindications of current medicines.  They will sit there and argue with you until you throw the proof right under their noses.  Fortunately for me, most the Dr.s I work with have learned when I say something I know what I am talking about.  But there are still those vain few who will argue with their last breath rather than to admit they were wrong.  Then I have to take other steps.

Do not trust anything a doctor tells you. Research, get a second opinion. YOU MUST BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! Cough cpr is a last chance, you are alone and with no means of getting help immediately. It may or may not work depending on the type of cardiac issue you have going on. My dad dropped dead of a heart attack and he was alone and out on a walk.  I wish he would have tried this, he may still be alive today.

I wish I could have seen this gentleman’s view point on this issue. It’s pretty closed minded to dispute something that is an alternative to (as you stated) rolling over and just dying. Please people do whatever you think is feasible to try to save yourself.  It is better than just giving up.  I use alternative medicine for myself now because my lack of faith in the supposed “modern medicine”. If you don’t have insurance or a ton of money you will never see the wonders of “modern medicine”. I have seen people turned away from the ER due to the fact they have no insurance, it happens believe me, they did it to my daughter and she is just a child.

Our healthcare system is a disgrace for a country with so much supposed wealth. Only the very wealthy get the best healthcare or the very poor. Every one else in the middle suffers.

I enjoyed reading your article and say “good for you!”


Lisa L.

Lisa, it is good of you to say so. Thanks for that.

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