Woman who stabbed man not charged with homicide

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Homicide charge avoided by woman who stabbed man. The common-law wife of a man who died from his injuries won’t be charged with homicide, police said.

The Edmonton Journal

February 6, 2009

Homicide charge avoided

The common-law wife of a man who died from his injuries won’t be charged with homicide, police said.

Julie Starr, 40, was charged with aggravated assault after Andrew Rademacher was found last June lying on a patch of grass across the road from McCauley Elementary School. He died in hospital five days later….(Full Story)


F4L: Did she truly avoid a homicide charge?  It looks more like the crown prosecutor either decided or was pressured into not laying a homicide charge.  Such cases apparently do not set out to discover the truth but serve to justify a predetermined conclusion, namely that women are victims and never guilty of having committed violence.

That stands to reason.  After all, it is not that women are not violent, but that there always are mitigating circumstances for them.  If it was not her husband or any other man who made her do it, then the next in line is the devil or her inner demons.  If everything else fails, the poor murdering “victim” can always claim that she just could not help herself and just had to do it.

Moreover, giving such a woman a sentence for manslaughter (often two years less a day) or in this case “aggravated assault” for killing her boyfriend, husband or child will permit the powers to set her free after she served at most one-third of her sentence, while often it happens that a woman who kills someone in her family gets away with nothing more than a conditional sentence.

Of course, it will be determined that she is not at risk of re-offending (even though many violent women do).  But if she does, nothing is lost and much to be gained by the legal industry every time she does re-offend.  In addition, a conviction for a lesser crime officially proves that women are not violent, that they are merely always the victims of violence who act only in self-defence when they commit violent acts.  That is then on the record and proves it: the myth of female innocence is “true”!

See also Richard Stephens’ analysis of the myth of female innocence with respect to the fairly recent denial (but not all that long ago widely acknowledged prevalence) of the phenomenon of female serial killers.

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