Nearly 38 percent of fathers no access or visitation

Last updated 2018 10 24

Nearly 38 percent of fathers no access or visitation

Divorced father seeks equal protection
Custody challenge cites discriminatory decisions

Posted: January 28, 2009
10:09 pm Eastern

By Bob Unruh
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A case is developing in a Tennessee divorce dispute that one attorney believes could impact custody decisions nationwide because it calls down the authority of the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause to help fathers who are good parents and want to remain involved in their children’s lives….(Full Story)


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5 Responses to Nearly 38 percent of fathers no access or visitation

  1. Apprehension man


    Thank you for the words Sam well written.

  2. I now own the domain names “” and “”.

    Welcome to the system!

    Welcome to the disease of liberalism and feminism.

    I’m currently working my own case in a manner that does not allow the system to sit on the sidelines. The system is constantly pushed to “bust a move” because every time system is forced to take action or play their hand it always reeks of destruction for the children and empowering the mother.

    Truth be told, I’m confident I’ll never much see our children again. I realized this early in my case and so I built a website that detailed the transpiration’s of our case as it evolved.

    God blessed me with a large network and I now have hundreds of personal friends and contacts watching this case like they are following a soap opera.

    None of them would care to read my book afterward as it would be voluminous and they would have to take my word for the story’s credibility.

    Conduct your case as high profile as you can. It can hardly make things any worse than they already are and will eventually end.

    Gather your friends, families, and co-workers e-mail addresses and send them brief UPDATES as your case evolves.

    Your network will become incensed as the travesties unfold before their horrified eyes and this will inspire them to join the efforts needed to defeat the disease; liberalism and feminism.

    Most importantly, purchase a digital recorder that uploads the files to your computer and converts to a WAV file. Get back with me on how to have these files cheaply transcribed. Do not, repeat, DO NOT speak with anybody in the system without this recorder going. Check your laws for legal recording. In my State, Wisconsin, for two party conversation you don’t need the other party’s permission.

    Gather the concrete evidence needed to fight the disease.

    God bless you and may God send you his power to keep you strong.

  3. Apprehension man


    The Hidden Agenda of Judges

    Judges are trained to be objective and strive to remain so. But the longer a judge sits as a judge, hearing messy custodial cases, the greater the chances of that judge making an error. At some point, the judge will return a child to the parent who sets forth an argument that to do so is in the best interest of the children, when such a parent only has the aim of achieving revenge or financial gain in their pocket. In the majority of the time this is a mother. A parent who has a lawyer that lies better then yours will win.

    A tragedy will ensue. Perhaps a child will die or be seriously affected mentally by the neglect and greed of the parent who has custody. What an abuse of the law!

    That judge you think will protect you will have to live with the fact that he or she returned a child to an abusive parent and that the child suffered grievous harm with that other parent, but who cares? Neglect? Not really, women aren’t capable of that, a Ha, Ha.

    The decision a judge makes may shape the children’s lives in the years to come, whether intentionally or not. If a judge makes a mistake in a case, the downside to a child is horrendous. And of course, even the most incompetent of societies usually manages to keep the children alive. This is a fact of life that parents should consider when engaging in warfare with society. You can never win.

    I am a government employee because your spouse has accused you of wrong doing. Pay attention! Put your emotions aside and you may have a chance.

  4. Apprehension man


    The Temporary Care Motion

    This is the court hearing that will decide what happens to your children until the matter goes to trial, if it is not resolved.
    The judge will have read the affidavit material, the judge will have read your affidavit material, In fact, the judge will have read all the material filed or will do so before a decision is given, unless you agree and consent to an order that would have supervised visits so you can be monitored for being a good father.The system and women in general control our children s lives. The impact is always negative from my perspective.

    But the chances of you prevailing at this point are still slim. The Temporary Care Motion and then it starts: General Rules for Access, Absolute Rules of Access, Hidden agenda of Judges, Minding the Mouth, How Society Builds a Case against men, The Strategy of Access
    Too many mistakes are made with too many children’s lives. Many of the judges do not have the background or the time to deal with these issues.

    On appeal, some courts do not understand the dynamics of Children and fathers and who the primary care giver was in the family. But even if it is the father, they do not care. They rather look at the accusations of abuse by fathers of all sorts: alcohol, drugs and, my favorite, physical and mental abuse and then the final one, financial abuse, to prevent fathers from seeing their kids. There is so much more. Even though at the time of trial there is no evidence to substantiate any of the allegations of abuse by these men, the decision is made already before a word is uttered .

    Look out Gentlemen! The system is going to be used against you and the children.

  5. Apprehension man


    Child Apprehensions in Canada

    Mental health problems, addictions, womens rights in custody issues, all those things bring men to their knees. The booming economies in Alberta & Saskatchewan are being cited as the reasons behind a spike in the number of children apprehended by social workers in these two Provinces.
    In May of 2008, 967 children in the Alberta, Saskatoon region were under the care of Children and Community Services in both Provinces. Figures released by Provincial Governments in these two Provinces indicated that since 2006 these numbers have increased by 23 percent. A mother can do or say what she wants, and a father pays the price.
    Who am I ??? I am the person, along with the Police, who comes and gets your children, wrong or right. I’m not a judge, but now I’m being judged and understand more fathers out there.
    I will be posting some of my experiences in the days to come to explain how a system has been put in place not to help men to parent their children but rather to separate fathers from there children and support the women.
    By believing in all that is said, regardless of the truth, we are more concerned about the well-being of the children, yet we allow women to destroy the family and manipulate the system.
    Beware if you smoke, you are endangering your kids, and the police and a social worker can take your children away, based on this nonsense.
    Do you take your children overnight? Beware, you may be investigated for child abuse or molestation. Beware of the danger of allowing government to make decisions in your and your children’s lives.

    Apprehension Man

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