Joe the Plumber, the President and tax cheating by both

Last updated 2018 10 23

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The Man the Left Wants Hanged for Tax Cheating (And my goodbye to MND)

By Warner Todd Huston

Joe the Plumber, the President and tax cheating by both

Tax troubles were all the rage for certain folks recently. ABC News screamed in a headline about one fellow that was, “America’s Overnight Sensation… Owes $1,200 in Taxes.” Huffington Post was all up in arms over the same story. The San Francisco Chronicle was tsking the fellow for being “concerned about increased taxes – but hasn’t paid his own income taxes.” The Chicago Tribune chided this figure for being “delinquent on his taxes.” It was a crime, they all said. An outrage. This is not to even mention the unhinged, screaming mimis of the left blogosphere that dug in like pit bulls to excoriate this notorious tax cheat….

Let’s get one thing clear, here. Samuel J. Wurzelbacher was NOT running for any office. He was just a citizen trying to ask a presidential candidate a simple question.

And now we have that very candidate, now the elected president, fielding a score of tax cheating candidates of his own for important offices in our government.

And this is on top of Obama’s own murky tax troubles that the press was not so interested in discussing during the campaign….(Full Story)


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