Foster-mom kills boy — Dead boy’s parents sue province

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Foster-mom kills boy — Dead boy’s parents sue province.  Negligence claimed in $400,000 action over foster child.  Murderous foster mom still free.

The Edmonton Journal
February 5, 2009

Dead boy’s parents sue province

Negligence claimed in $400,000 action over foster child

By Laura Drake

The biological parents of a three-year-old boy killed while in foster care in 2007 are suing the provincial government and the foster mother convicted of manslaughter in the child’s death for $400,000 in damages.

The parents are seeking the money “for grief and the loss of the guidance, care and companionship” of the boy, as well as expenses related to the boy’s injuries, funeral, grief counselling, along with other damages….(Full Story)

F4L: The article mentions that, “None of the parties can be named in order to protect the identity of the boy.”

What is there to protect?  The boy is dead!

It appears to be more likely that the parties are not being named to protect the guilty.

Protecting the boy should have been done to prevent the murder of the boy.

For more details on the circumstances of the cruel and fatal abuse of the boy who at the hands of the woman who was to protect him see: Murderous foster mom still free.


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