Gold digger supreme

Gold digger supreme

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50 Million Pays to Leave your Lover
By Charles Adler
Friday, January 23, 2009

A fool and his money are easily parted…well sometimes not so easily. Sometimes it takes the judge’s gavel to pound on the pocket book to shake the shekels loose and it’s happening in Quebec.

As you heard on Adler OnLine earlier this week, a Montreal-based Billionaire is having a bit of a tussle in court with his former girlfriend, who feels that considering she lived with him for ten years and considering she had three kids with him, she should be considered his wife, and therefore be entitled to far more money than he paid her when she hit the trail 7 years ago with only 10K to find an apartment, another 10K for the kids and 5K for some new clothes. That’s what was reported earlier. However, in court today it emerged that she’s been getting more than thirty-thousand dollars a month in child support for the kids over the last five years and he also bought her a condo worth more than two-million dollars, with a staff of seven.

She is also suing in Brazil for half his wealth estimated at over a Billion dollars….(Full Story Sorry, but that link no longer functions. No new URL for the article exists. The Internet Archive has not saved a copy of the article.)

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