The Act of Procreation: Crime or Patriotism?

The Act of Procreation: Crime or Patriotism? — Depending on one’s view, the sex act is either a sham or an act of procreation.  It can in the eyes of some always be a crime if a man engages in it and has sex with a woman.  It can easily be a crime, even if no crime was intended, but it can, when the need arises, also be an act of patriotism, as the second story shown below illustrates.

The following contains two takes on the circumstances of the sex act, one in which the sex act is considered to be an act of exploitation (naturally, only of the seller, but not of the buyer), and the other as an act of survival for a nation, required to prevent the nation from going through the agony of a relatively quick death.

The Edmonton Journal
January 27, 2009

Sex “Studios” called ‘grime of Edmonton’

Sex-trade worker once employed at downtown massage parlour testifies against owner Vishva Juneja.

An Edmonton sex-trade worker testified Monday about the daily dealings at a grimy downtown massage parlour where drunk and drugged young women offered sexual services to male clientele.

The 22-year-old woman said sex made up 90 per cent of her work at the city-licensed establishment, and that owner Vishva Juneja took a minimum $50 cut for each client.

She said he also conducted mandatory “evaluations,” during which his “angels” would demonstrate their “customer service” skills and masturbate him, for free.

Juneja, 63, is on trial facing eight charges, including two counts of keeping a common bawdy house and three counts of living on the avails of prostitution.

The young woman’s name is protected by a publication ban….(Full Story That link no longer functions, but here is another article describing the circumstances of the case.)

As always with such stories about the sex trade, they excellently describe the extent of the bias inherent in feminist jurisprudence.

The prostitutes are made out to be the real victims, while their employers and their customers are the bad dudes – provided they are men.

As the rationalizing in feminist jurisprudence goes, if men would not be willing to buy sex from women prostitutes, there would be no women prostitutes who are victims of the sex trade.

The ludicrous rationalizing further goes: The providers of commercial sexual services are being exploited when they are the employees, while their customers and employers are engaged in criminal activities when purchasing the formers’ services.

It follows that a madam of a whorehouse who for most of her younger years made a living from sexually exploiting men by over-charging them for sexual acts but who was considered to be a victim while doing so, runs the risk of being considered to be a criminal as soon as she graduates from being an employee to being an employer.

However, that rarely ever happens. (When was the last time your heard of a madam being convicted of running a bawdy house?) Such a madam is apparently looked upon favorably by the law, when her physical assets give out, go to pot, and she goes into management as part of her retirement plan, after having been a victim for the few years of her working life at the front-line of the sex trade.

Mind you, for men who don’t want to run the risk of being stripped by playing the game of Russian Roulette with every second chamber loaded, the game called marriage, prostitution is a far cheaper alternative to being married and running a 50 percent chance of losing everything they have: kids, car, cash and castle.

It is odd how far things have come with our social engineering over the past century. Heterosexual sexual activities are now virtually always a crime.  Even though they are perfectly natural, they are punishable often far more severely than even murder, but only for the men who engage in the crime of having sex with a woman, while sexual activities between gay men and between gay women are — although still criminal not all that long ago — now perfectly legal, made out to be desirable and, who knows, perhaps are soon to become compulsory through peer pressure if not through jurisprudence.

See how easy it was to progress from marriages that were the building blocks of the Western culture, to bawdy houses in which it is illegal to have sex – but only for the customers, and to go from there to bath houses in whom everything goes, provided the sex partners are of the same sex?

Without a doubt, our whole society, the Western civilization, reached an evolutionary dead-end and is now, with its decadent and fatally low birth rates beginning to enter its death throes.

To make a point:

Chicago Tribune
January 28, 2009

Russia promises glory to parents who help pad nation’s population

By Alex Rodriguez

MOSCOW — In Russia, a nation with a population that has dropped by more than 6.6 million since 1991, procreation counts as an act of patriotism.So, earlier this month, eight sets of parents with families the size of football teams gathered in the Kremlin’s gilded Andreyevsky Hall to receive the Order of Parental Glory, a bouquet of flowers and the ruble equivalent of $1,600 from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

“Thank you for your wonderful family,” Medvedev told Ivan and Nadezhda Osyak as he handed them their medal. Nearby, 13 members of the Osyaks’ brood of 17 watched and beamed.

Medals for babymaking are a part of a growing array of incentives Russian authorities have been dangling to get citizens to pad family rosters.

In the Volga region of Ulyanovsk, Sept. 12 is dubbed Conception Day, and couples who bear a child exactly nine months later – on June 12 – get cars, refrigerators or cash. Russian authorities give any woman who has given birth to a second or third child a $10,000 stipend to pay for school costs or home repairs.

But there’s a flaw in the strategy: It’s not working. The population plunge has slowed slightly, thanks to a small uptick in the birth rate. However, the country’s death rate still exceeds the birth rate, and some demographers predict Russia’s population – now at an estimated 141.4 million – will fall below 100 million by mid-century.

The Osyaks, who share a cramped three-bedroom cottage with 15 of their children in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don, are more than happy to keep doing their duty.

“If God gives us an 18th baby,” says Osyak, 45, a Russian Orthodox priest, “we’ll be happy.” ….(Source That link no longer functions. The article does not appear to available at any other website, but the Internet Archive has a copy of it.)

No doubt, the childless elderly – who, in their “golden years,” will be relying on increasingly insufficient government handouts that the steadily shrinking sector of the younger, working population finds increasingly more difficult and eventually impossible to pay for – will envy Osyak and his wife.  For him and his wife there will always by a meal, a bed to sleep in at any of their children’s homes, and there will always be love for the two (we hope).

See also: The Demographics of Death, or The Decline & Fall of the Human Empire (at the website of Fathers for Life).

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