Behind diversity — the muzzling of Christians

Behind diversity — the muzzling of Christians

‘Diversity’ aims to suppress Christianity

By Don Hank

I am posting this as a companion piece to the article on Common Purpose and on ‘diversity’ and ‘leadership’ training, both from the UK but both relevant and timely for US readers.

Look how people have been brainwashed by all the PC diversity discussion in the mass media and by diversity training:

“I have Christian beliefs myself and maybe she meant well. But it could perhaps be upsetting for some other people if they have different beliefs or thought that she meant they looked in such a bad way that they needed praying for.”

Notice how no one of another faith complained, yet a ‘Christian’ was dreadfully afraid a Muslim or atheist might be offended on their way to hell or that a dying patient might think they were dying and realize the need for repentance. Imagine living in a world in which praying for a dying patient is banned. We are just a few goose steps away from that absurdity.

Look what else they say: ….(Full Story 2018 04 14: That link no longer functions, but the Internet Archive has a copy of the article.)

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