Spanish feminists use dirty tactics to take out opponents

Spanish feminists use dirty tactics to take out opponents

URGENT: 3-2-2009, Judicial Political Case of Persecution of Spanish Man

By A. Javier M. M

Ever since the year 2001, many men and women in Spain have been fighting against the Gender Agenda. Not one of them got a penny for their efforts.

One of those men lives in the Spanish city of Burgos.

He knows a lot of laws on the procedure of civil courts, because for over 30 years until now (Year 2008,) he has been working in a financial company as legal adviser.

He has fought against feminist groups that kidnaps children from their homes and take them to feminist bunkers [women’s shelters], not only without anyone’s permission but without any supervision from any court.

This has been happening in Burgos, a city in Spain, since 2004 .

Not one judge has ever answered to inquiries on this issue that Mr. Jesus Ayala is fighting for.

Today, tomorrow or at any time any children from the city of Burgos city and area could become victims of feminist kidnappers.

The fathers of the kidnapped children not only are not being asked, but if they assert their paternal rights they are liable to become prosecuted by the courts.

Laws on privacy of information have been contributing and aggravating factors.

The feminists who infest Spanish politics routinely publish in newspapers the names and the addresses of men who are only alleged by women to have committed crimes, but have not yet been proven guilty after a trial in court.

Mr. Jesus Ayala has taken action on this, based on the Spanish agency for private information protection, and he managed to obtain a decision from that agency that found the feminists are guilty and need to be penalized .

Another issue pursued by Mr. Jesus Ayala led him to expose the practice by the European Union to channel money transfers to the Spanish government so that their friends in Spanish women’s associations will receive it instead. Furthermore, it was found that those women associations take women into care without court orders, and that, in doing, they prevent the establishment of a proper audit trail.

When such a woman has denounced a man (signed a criminal charge against a man for gender violence), the association reward her by giving her money.

As soon as the woman signs before the police criminal charges against the man for gender violence (since 2001, psychological and “structural” violence – for instance, not giving her enough money for “her needs” – are included in our penal-code), only with that, without trial in any court, the Women’s Association of Spain grants her the status of victim.  On the strength of that she is then included in economic programs, economic subsidies, preferences to have cheaper houses specific for women, preference (over other women) to get a job, etc..

Obviously, she is also included in the statistics on abused women, and so, the women associations have more ground to request next year more money from the European Union.

The feminists cannot take Mr. Jesus Ayala out of the game through clean and honest methods.

So, back in the year of 2005, in the city of Valladolid, Spain, a women that holds a high position in the Spanish, feminist-dominated and controlled government administration (Mrs Rosa Valdeon Santiago, then in charge of Family Politics in
the local government of Burgos and Valladolid) said in a newspaper (Diario de Burgos, 13-7-2005) that “they would prosecute” all those men of  affiliated with “any specific [men’s] association…”, “for their activities.”

What happens next?

On 3-2-2009, Mr. Jesus Ayala will have to attend a trial on the City of Valladolid, following an accusation against him, launched not by any familiar, but by a fiscal (very close to a national political party, Partido Popular, an agency that has the power to manage a lot of money from European Union for women’s campaigns and gives it to friends that are affiliated with “women’s associations”), to declare Mr. Jesus Ayala legally incapacitated.

This is not happening in the Soviet Union, in 1950. No, this is happening here and now, in Spain, in the City of Valladolid.

I urge you to contact (please, be polite ) not only the Court of Valladolid, but also your representatives.


A. Javier M. M.
Study Group Fathers and Children
Madrid, Spain.

Contact the Court that will hold the trial of Jesus on 3-February-2009.
Phone: +34.983-22.81.01 , +34.983-22.81.02
Fax: +34.983-22.81.34.

(The international phone code prefix for Spain is 34)

Canada experienced similar attempts at persecuting those men whom the feminists designated to be guilty of hate crimes against feminists.  It is a modern witch hunt.  As of now, those attempts have not gone very far (see Canada’s declaration of war against pro-family- and pro-male activists). However, one Canadian Fathers Right activist sued over that and lost, even though the judge handing down that decision agreed that the FR activist had a case.

Although Canada’s system of democracy is being subverted (to progress more and more towards a system of socialist totalitarianism), things have not yet progressed as severely as they did in Spain in such a short time. Perhaps that is a misperception, as the trend here, having begun in the 1960’s, with Pierre Elliot Trudeau, then Canada’s Prime Minister, imposing the active promotion of feminism as Canada’s state-religion, was much more gradual and may well have reached (at least with respect to the progress of the implementation of the agenda for the planned destruction of the family) similar proportions as it did in Spain within about a decade.

Spain experiences a feminist revolution and take-over.  Ours is a more gradual subversion by feminism, environmentalism and multiculturalism.  Ultimately both our countries, as do all developed nations, will suffer identical fates.

Look for instance at President Obama’s declaration of the need for pay equity for women.  Women’s lower earnings exist primarily because they work on average about 20 percent fewer hours at lower-paying jobs, a matter of personal choices. (See Pay equity for women doesn’t exist?)  In reality, to pay women less than men are being paid for equal work done is a crime, by law.  Why would one wish to promote laws to enforce laws, if nothing other than to appear to be catering to women and thereby to consolidate one’s political power?

Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Antonio Gramsci must be laughing and dancing in their graves.

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