A petition to save Baby X

A petition to save Baby X

Please sign my petition and pass it on.

Freeman Jackson



Petition to US Congress, NY Dept. of Health, DHHS, & DOJ

Artificial Insemination used for Immigration & Paternity Fraud and the complete removal of this child’s rights to a father.

Baby X has been stripped of his rights to have a father, by the State of New Jersey and Bergen County Courts, by a malicious plot involving NJ Bergen County Family Court and the corrupt Judge Edward Torack, Dr. Tanmoy Mukherjee, of the Mount Sinai Hospital/Reproductive Medical Center of New York.

Baby X is a victim of a sinister plot by the ruling class to destroy Black Families and Men using the false flag of Child Support system and Women’s Rights. Baby X was created during unauthorized artificial insemination by Dr. Mukherjee and a Black Woman facing deportation for defrauding a university in New York City. In order to avoid deportation, Dr. Mukherjee and The Mother of Baby X conspired together to take and illegally use the semen of a Black Male US Citizen in order to perform an artificial insemination, and create an anchor baby. They also conspired to victimize the said Black Male with the responsibility of Child Support without his consent to an IVF.

During hearings at NJ Bergen County Family Court, Baby X’s Father was able to present a copy of Baby X’s Mother’s immigration records (which constitutes a history of immigration fraud conducted by Baby X’s Mother) and get Baby X’s Mother to admit, under questioning, that she had the child via Unauthorized Medical Experiment/IVF.

Immediately after clear evidence was presented in the court, that Baby X was created by an Unauthorized Medical Experiment/IVF for the purposes Immigration Fraud, the Father was completely banned from all courts and all judges – by the corrupt Judge Edward Torack of NJ Bergen County Family Court.

The court ban against the Father to Baby X includes the denial of the following rights:

  1. A “Request for a DNA test of all parties”
  2. Access to appeal, any other judges/courts
  3. Visitation between Baby X and Father X.
  4. Any modifications to Child Support, including a decrease in income of Father X
  5. Any ruling on evidence pertaining to immigration and paternity fraud in the case.

The end result is to totally strip Father X of any rights to the child except to shut up and pay. He did not have a right to say when, where and how to have a baby, and he did not have a right to have any representation in court. And therefore the State of New Jersey has stripped Baby X’s f of the right to have a Father!

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