Obama legalizes funding of abortions abroad

Obama legalizes funding of abortions abroad – Exporting the culture of death

2009 01 24

Obama condemned for expanding taxpayer funded abortions
Matthew Lee and Liz Sidoti – Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON – As he promised during the election campaign, Barack Obama on Friday struck down a ban against taxpayer funded abortions abroad.

Obama’s move was warmly welcomed by liberal groups and denounced by defenders of unborn children.

The ban has been a political football between Democratic and Republican administrations since GOP President Ronald Reagan first adopted it 1984. Democrat Bill Clinton ended the ban in 1993, but Republican George W. Bush re-instituted it in 2001 as one of his first acts in office….Full Story (2018 04 15: That link no longer functions, but the Internet Archive does have a copy pf the article.)

F4L: There are in the order of about 55 million abortions a year in the whole world.  Roughly 70 million unborn children, conceived but not yet born, are being permitted to live, to be carried to term and to be born in the world each year.

The consequence of that is that in all of the developed nations and in ever more of the developing ones there are now declining populations that add up to as much as 30 percent reductions with every generation.

Barack Obama in essence resumed the exporting of a culture of death.

The web page Abortions – Deadly Politics contains more information and detailed statistics that illustrate the history, extent, development and the impact of the culture of death – an American export intended to safeguard the continued existence of the USA but that is in effect one of the reasons why the world market for goods manufactured in the USA falters.


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