Murderous foster mom still free

Murderous foster mom still free

Edmonton Sun
Wed, January 21, 2009

Killer of three-year-old foster child free to walk the streets while awaiting sentencing


Two years after her three-year-old foster child died of cranial trauma so severe that it left his brain “popping out of his skull,” the killer still walks around a free woman.

And it will be another three months before a judge finally determines an appropriate punishment for her deplorable crime….(Full Story 2019 01 02: The preceding link is now broken, and no substitute for it could be found.)
F4L: The article reports that, “The judge wants the psychiatric assessment [the unfinished assessment that caused the sentencing hearing to be postponed] to include potentially “mitigating circumstances,” like whether she found the boy to be difficult, whether the foster mom was under too much stress and whether she “sought to be a foster mother for commendable reasons.”  In other words, the judge odered that nothing be neglected to be mentioned that can be used to exonerate the accused. 

What a travesty.  The judge is obviously hunting for anything that enables him to exonerate the killer.  That that is so is not surprising.  Anything will do to permit a woman to kill with impunity.  If it was not a man, her husband, brother, uncle, father or any other man who “made her do it,” then even the devil, her inner demons or the allegation that she just couldn’t help herself will suffice.  In this case it is enough that the judge appears to feel that mitigating circumstances need to be found that prove that her victim, a little boy, drove her to kill him in a rage although she may have had commendable reasons for becoming his foster mother.

However, what about the fact that we are not entitled to get to know her name?  “The killer, who cannot be named in order to protect the victim’s identity, was convicted of manslaughter in November for the January 2007 death of a little boy entrusted to her safekeeping.”

What is there to protect?  The boy is dead!  The killer, even though only convicted of manslaughter in November of 2007 for murdering the little boy, is still free.


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