Woman (40) who had sex with boy (14) goes free

Woman (40) who had sex with boy (14) goes free – A case of statutory rape



By Jeremy Armstrong 14/10/2008

Fury as judge says lad seduced her

There was outrage last night after a 40-year-old mum who had sex several times with a boy aged 14 was spared jail.

Judge Peter Fox QC told Sharon Edwards she had been “seduced” by the teen adding that she had been “a very unhappy lady for a very considerable time” when it happened….(Full Story)

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The Mirror (Britain)
19 October 2008

Mum of boy 14 seduced by pal speaks of devastation
By Sarah Arnold

A boy of 14 seduced by his mum’s best friend was so innocent he still went to bed with a teddy bear, his devastated mother revealed last night.

She angrily denied a judge’s suggestion it was her son who lured 40-year-old pal Sharon Edwards into sex.

Edwards, described by the judge as “a very unhappy lady” walked free with a suspended sentence for under-age sex and offering to give the boy cocaine….(Full Story)


F4L: A 40-year-old man who has sex with a 14-year-old girl will go to prison for quite some years. There is absolutely no question about that, in a case of statutory rape.  When the roles are reversed, the boy becomes the criminal and the woman goes free, because she was seduced by the boy.

It seems that an appeal must be launched.  Evidence of the seduction by the boy must be produced to permit the judge to rule that that is what happened.  Moreover, there is still the question of statutory rape.  It is illegal for anyone to have sex with someone below the age of consent, even in the U.K.. If the judge says otherwise, he needs to be fired.


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