Mom pleads insanity in bathtub drownings

Mom pleads insanity in bathtub drownings

Edmonton Sun
Jan. 18, 2009


CLEVELAND — A Cleveland woman accused of drowning her two daughters in a bathtub has changed her plea to not guilty by reason of insanity….

The 23-year-old mother previously had pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder in the October 2007 deaths of her children.

The girls were ages 2 and 4…. Full Story (Sorry, that link no longer functions. The Website of the Edmonton Sun does not have a copy of the article, but see the appended article on what the sentence was in the case.)


F4L:  Yes, there always is an excuse.  If it was not her husband or any other man who made her do it, then the next in line are the devil or her inner demons.  If everything else fails, the poor murdering mama can always claim nothing more than that she just could not help herself and just had to do it.

Right, and, predictably,


Sat., Jan. 24, 2009

Judges: Mom not guilty of drowning daughters
Court hears depressed Ohio woman heard voices on day of girls’ deaths

Doctors: Mom Who Drowned Kids Suffers From Severe Depression

CLEVELAND – A mother charged with aggravated murder in the bathtub drownings of her two daughters was found not guilty by reason of insanity Friday.

A three-judge panel in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court determined that 23-year-old Amber Hill suffered from a severe mental disorder when she drowned her daughters on Oct. 1, 2007.

“The court concludes she did not know the wrongfulness of her horrific acts,” said Judge John Sutula….(Full Story 2019 01 04: The preceding link is now broken, but there is a link to an archived copy of the article.)

See? Women are not truly violent, ever.  They just can’t help it.  They are made that way, the poor dears.

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