America the dark continent

America, the dark continent

Curtain of darkness

Olavo de Carvalho
Diário do Comércio, January 15th, 2009

What is happening in the American news media is terrifying for those who can see through it. Exaggeration? Conspiracy theory? A recent example will allow you to judge for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

When Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was accused of attempting to sell Obama’s Senate seat, the first question that came to the mind of police authorities was whether the President-elect had partnered with him or at least was aware of what was going on. There was no hiding the question, not only because it came directly from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, but also because, a few weeks earlier, one of the main Obamist campaign aides, David Axelrod, had mentioned in an interview a recent meeting between Obama and governor Blagojevich. Obama’s reassuring reply came right away, after, according to him, a thorough internal investigation, and was promptly trumpeted by the media as the final solution to the riddle: No, not even Obama himself, nor any member of his team had had any contact whatsoever with Blagojevich. Axelrod was quick to confirm it, swearing that his first declaration had been just a slip-up. With that, the media announced en bloc, to the general relief of the believers, that Blagojevich’s fall did not in any way stain the anointed Messiah’s honor….(Full Story)


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  1. Walter,

    I’ve known a few folks, on the brink of inevitable bankruptcy, party it up before the end, and I agree with you – this Inauguration (circus)is a desperate denial of reality.

    Believing history will prove Bush one of our greatest presidents, if we can get past his liberal spending, it was very hard to listen to the rhetoric of this circus about how this country has been mismanaged the past 8 years. Carlos Mencia (not sure of the spelling), a Hispanic comedian on the Comedy Channel, said it best, “I’m not one of these white people running around apologizing for all the things we’ve done to make this country great.”

    More about race. I can truly understand the joy of the minorities for the first President not being a white male. Again, I’m not racist, however, it appears the white male has become the blame for everything. Just ask the feminist.

    If racism is truly to be eliminated, and I’m in favor of this, the minorities need to quit explaining it is a minority that won, and instead speak as if the best candidate won and give their reasons for why this win will make our lives better – no platitudes or rhetoric. McCain/Palin never played the race card. Why in victory is the race card played by the victors?

    I can understand a statement akin to, “Yes, he’s the first non-white male to be President of the United States, but that is not important. What is important is that he won for these reasons.”

    However, concrete reasons, complete with policy points, for why the win is important seems to be absent from all. “We need change” is about the only reason given for joy, but no clear policy for what we’re going to change and how we’re going to change it is presented – other than the insane idea of spending more money that we don’t have.

    However, I don’t want to stray from the point for why I’ve added to this post.

    If racism is to be defeated, everyone has to quit talking about a person’s race. Oprah, and others, have to switch from, “This is a successful black person” to “This is a successful person.” We can’t be giving anybody a clear advantage or disadvantage because of their race – and the race designation on everything, including that warranty card, needs to be eliminated. We are people, we are human, and this doesn’t change with the color of our wrapping and calling attention to the wrapping only creates racism, it doesn’t end it.

    I’ll never forget Andy Griffith in “No Time For Sergeants”. His Forrest Gump simplicity in this play and movie for instruction to view a Air Force woman officer, although it made everyone concerned about his eye sight, as just an officer, and not a man or a woman, is the simplistic ideal that we need to attain.

    Thank you Walter for allowing me a format to expose my thoughts that hopefully are correct. I’d sure hate to find out that I can be just as wrong as many of the rest and have to start all over on my ideology and philosophy.

    Personally, one of the finest people I ever met was a black man, and I point this out realizing I’m now belittling my own point. However, I believe the end of this story bolsters my point.

    His name is Harold West and he was a PSO in Kalamazoo, MI (home of Malcolm X). A PSO (public safety officer) is a rare hybrid of police officer and firefighter. Harold was the School Liaison Officer when I met him and we made our way through an elementary school. About every other classroom door opened as we walked this school’s hallway with a teacher saying, “Officer West, what about this or that, or can you do this or help with that.”

    Harold had an answer for each teacher, indicating he’d either handled the business questioned, was in the middle of getting an answer, and denying not one teacher a single favor.

    That is, until the last teacher, who asked, “Officer West, next week we’re talking about positive black male role models. Can you come to my class?”

    “I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole”, was Harold’s answer. The idea that he had to be pointed out as a black male clearly pained him and I believe I understand why.

    I’m off to visit the website Moses indicated is a must visit –

  2. Sam and Moses,

    You are both very right. Still, is Barack Obama not far more than half-white? “Whiteness” does not go back just one generation. What counts are the cultural and ideological roots; those may be far more than half-black.

    Someone told me yesterday, when he remarked that he would be watching today’s inauguration celebrations, that he had to watch, because history is being made. (I did not watch – one carnival is like any other – and I must be honest, Hitler was much better in rallying popular support through taxpayer-funded, massive torch-light parades, search-light cathedrals and all, not that I yearn for his celebrations and what they ultimately brought about.)

    I pointed out that in truth history is not being made today but was being made during the last few decades that made Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama what they are today, for instance, when Hillary Clinton was a lawyer for the Black Panthers and when Barack Obama received his education. We now only see a milestone in the succession of consequences of that history being made.

    The man said, “Yes, but I am not that informed on that sort of history. Nevertheless, Barack Obama is a good orator.”

    I said: “Yes, he is a good demagogue, but so were others, such as Hitler, and Goebbels was even better than Hitler. But the shine wore off all of their oratories as time went by. By the time four years have gone by with Barack Obama, the people will have grown weary of listening to him. They will be too busy trying to cope with inflation and the enormous tax burden they are being saddled with, so as to have them pay for all of the promised changes. I believe that the tally of the costs of those promised changes is now in the order of about $1.5 trillion.”

    A socialist by any name or colour still is a socialist.

    Aside from that, having watched such parades and celebrations over the decades, there is no doubt in my mind that that there is a positive correlation between the extent of their grandiosity and the extent of the totalitarianism of the governments that rule the taxpayers who must pay for them all in any given country.

    I can’t help it, but those celebrations are much like a large, ostentatious social event put on by someone who is close to bankruptcy and financial collapse, pretending that he can spend himself out of debt.

  3. “Atlas Shrugged” is the book. The author is Ayn Rand. Please read it – it explains it all.

    Writing this while I observe the Inaugural Festivities, I am confused beyond comprehension about how the “masses” believe all of our problems are now solved.

    In my opinion, by the time this is over, President Obama is going to convert many liberals into conservatives. Hopefully the Republicans can become conservatives again as well.

    Ann Coulter, in her book “Guilty” also explains it – and she is denounced.

    Obama – the first black president. He’s mixed race – half black – yes – and half white. Heavily influenced by married maternal white grandparents.

    Why is electing the first black president the solving of every problem? And again, he’s not black, he’s mixed race – half white.

    I’m not prejudiced nor am I racist – I’m a realist.

    However, how does Obama’s anointment instantly become a panacea for all that is terribly wrong.

    How is a president that wants to dramatically increase the debt of a bankrupt country, along with many other politicians and the people who elect them, going to solve the problems associated with irresponsible spending? For rewarding people on their needs versus their performance?

    How does duplicating non-consequential actions of Abraham Lincoln (a Republican and conservative) already honor Obama with the same reputation and legacy as Lincoln? Because he used the same Bible for swearing the oath of office and recreated the same train trip?

    It appears substance is no longer required. Image is all that matters. Your past will not predicate your future. Reputation, built through repetition, means nothing anymore? Promises prove performance?

    As I watch in disbelief over the immense ubiquitous jubilation of this Inauguration, I find myself feeling very ill.

    I couldn’t hope more that I am wrong.

    However, this has the makings of the biggest “egg on our face” party every to have to be endured. That I force myself to reason with my mind versus feeling with my heart, there is no logical conclusion other than the fiddler will have to be eventually paid. The longer we inform him we can’t stand for the dance to end, the bigger his bill will become.

    Yet we dance with joy and inform the fiddler we have the money, that there is no reason for concern, that he cannot allow all the joy to end – that he must sacrifice himself for others and play on.

    Yet the fiddler is growing very tired and his hands are growing blisters. Eventually, our beloved fiddler – who held his brotherly love to his party goers above his love to himself, will be able to physically play no longer – and then it is time to pay the fiddler.

    I pray for God to help us all. Help us envision reality. Help us understand that as we see ourselves is often not who we are. Please God, help us understand that it is, and will be, our actions that define us and reward us. Please God, help us understand that no amount of words will ever change the reward of our actions.

  4. Moses


    The family is the basic building block of society – destroy the family and you destroy society. Use the media to convince women that they are victims and have suffered some wrong, put all the laws in place to allow her to act on that feeling and she will slice her husband, her children, and herself in two. So who benefits? (Please!! Read the website to understand who is behind feminism and why.

    Our country is under attack from within our enemies are using feminism to destroy us from within.

    It is sooooo easy to take control of a woman’s brain, and get her to do anything you want. Anything! That’s what our enemies are doing to our women – using them to destroy our society from within. We need to understand exactly how serious this problem is – this isn’t a few misguided politicians with a few misguided policies, this is an actual WAR against our society. A war with real enemies, enemies who are not attacking us with bombs and airplanes, but who are attacking us with psychology. Us men must take back control of our women from the enemies within, and stop women from being deceived and from being used to destroy our society from within.

    As always it is up to us men to save our country in this psychological attack this psychological WAR against our country.

    Learn how to control a woman’s mind – read these people (Google them)
    The Mystery Method, Ross Jefferies, Gary Brodsky,, Dave DeAngelou, and Dave Shade. These people may or may not be nice, but they will teach you the techniques of controlling our women, the same techniques the people that are waging psychological war against our society from within are using.


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