Wife beats up her husband for divorce

Wife beats up her husband for divorce

by Deccan Herald
Sunday, 18 January 2009 22:25

Bangalore: Role reversal couldn’t have got more dramatic than this. In a classic case, a husband, unable to tolerate the antics of his drunken wife, has sought help from the City Police.

Thirty seven-year old S Babu, who is into construction business, has complained to Madiwala police that his wife Malini Babu was in the habit of popping sleeping pills, and was addicted to alcohol. According to him, she would regularly abuse  him, demanding a divorce and Rs 25 lakh [about $US60,000]…. Full Story (That link no longer functions.)

Links to similar and comparable cases are indicated below.  All such cases share a characteristic.  Women are hardly ever found responsible for committing ill deeds, and, if so, get of lightly, hardly ever even having to serve time being incarcerated.


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