Why men are more intelligent than women

Why men are more intelligent than women

Thanks to Peter Forster:

An interesting article on sex, height and intelligence is at:

http://blogs.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-scientific-fundamentalist/200901/why-men-are-more-intelligent-women That URL was changed to this one:


The article includes the following little gem:

The orthodoxy in intelligence research for the second half of the 20th century had been that men and women had the same average intelligence, but men had greater variance in their distribution than women.  Most geniuses were men, and most imbeciles were men, they said, while most women were in the normal range.  This conclusion, however, was manufactured out of political expediency.  Not wanting to discover, or a priori denying, any sex differences in intelligence, psychometricians simply deleted from the standardized IQ tests any item on which the performance of men and women differed.

More recently, however, especially since the turn of the millennium, there have been an increasing number of studies that cast doubt on this politically correct conclusion.  Studies with large representative national samples from Spain, Denmark, and the United States, as well as meta-analyses of a large number of published studies throughout the world, all conclude that men on average are slightly but significantly more intelligent than women, by about 3-5 IQ points.  So this has now become the new (albeit tentative) consensus in intelligence research…. Full Story (That link no longer functions, and the Internet Archive does not contain a copy of the article. It provides, instead, this announcement: “Sorry. This URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.”  However, not all is lost, and the article is accessible at a revised URL at the website of ‘Psychology Today’.)

It is important to read the rest of the article, because it contains important reservations, namely:

once we control for height, women are slightly but significantly more intelligent than men.  Further controlling for health, physical attractiveness, age, raceeducation, and earnings does not alter this conclusion.  Height has exactly the same effect on intelligence for men and women:  Each inch in height increases the IQ by about .4 point.  The partial effect of height on intelligence is more than three times as strong as the partial effect of sex.

So it is not that men are more intelligent than women, but that taller people are more intelligent than shorter people, but net of height women are more intelligent than men.  Women who are 5’10” are on average more intelligent than men who are 5’10”, and women who are 5’5” are on average more intelligent than men who are 5’5”….

But there is more, and you better read all of it.


F4L:  Without a doubt, misandry (hatred of men) is the motivating force for pulling the enormous hoax that the first paragraph from the article identified.  That resulted in decades of slandering of men through deliberate falsification of “scientific” research.  That falls into the category of violence, for which reason this entry has been linked to the category “women’s violence,” even though the violence was being fomented to a large extent by men on behalf of women, perhaps by feminist men (God forbid that anyone, especially men, be politically incorrect about any of this). 😉

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