Another study debunks the two percent false rape canard

Another study debunks the two percent false rape canard

Glenn Sacks
January 6th, 2009

by Pierce Harlan, Esq.

Radical feminism has enjoyed almost unchallenged success in convincing lawmakers and university administrators that when it comes to rape, one gender is incapable of telling a lie, while the other is incapable of anything but lying.

From the faulty premise that women do not lie about rape follow the equally faulty but still widely accepted premises that there is no such thing as a false rape claim, and that conviction rates for rape are far too low. To help jack up those rates – or, in the twisted logic that follows from those faulty premises, to help justice be better served – laws and policies are changed to provide rape accusers with special accommodations allowed to no other criminal complainant.

In the face of these faulty premises, people concerned about the rights of innocent men accused of rape need to be aware of any study regarding the prevalence of false rape claims. Of note this week is a new five-year study in India that shows almost one-in-five rape claims is false:….(Full Story)


F4L:  False rape accusations are an example of women’s violence by proxy, where, instead of a woman making her hands dirty by beating a man up or killing him, often when he is unsuspecting, incapacitated or sleeping, she uses the full power of the State’s jurisprudence to eliminate a man, often for the most trivial reasons.  For that reason this blog entry has been linked to the category “Women’s Violence”.

The enormous extent of false rape allegations in the USA was pointed out by Eeva Sodhi in 2002:

In the US, there are an estimated 520,000 false rape allegations a year — 98.1% of all reported cases.  (Eeva Sodhi, [2] Debunking Domestic Violence Statistics; Rape)

Pierce Harlan identified in his article that the feminists succeeded in creating the faulty premise that women do not lie about rape.  Furthermore, he identified that jurisprudence was changed so as to create unequal justice for men and women, so that women’s false allegations cannot be challenged, while men are presumed to be guilty and everything possible is done to slander men accused of rape.

It seems that the focus of attention must be placed on the false assertion that women do no lie.  To accept that assertion as the truth is the fundamental problem. A very large number of men wrongfully convicted of rape is the serious consequence of the fundamental problem.  The web page at Adultery is not abuse, and women don’t lie? provides some explanations of why women lie, one of which is that women feel that it is expected of them to be chaste and pure, therefore they lie to assert their purity.  The truth proves otherwise and must therefore never be admitted.

It follows that, if a woman so desires, an exception to a woman’s purity cannot possibly have been a result of a woman’s free will and must therefore have been rape.  That makes the large and excessive numbers of false rape convictions unavoidable.  They are the price that must be paid to prove women’s purity.

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