Diamonds are a boy’s best friend

Mail Online (U.K.)

Diamonds are a boy’s best friend:
The launch of the male engagement ring

By Sara Nelson

Last updated at 12:08 PM on 16th January 2009

A jewellery chain is set to be the first in the country to sell engagement rings exclusively for men.

H Samuel says the move comes after demands from female customers for equality – as increasing numbers of women propose to their partners….

As well as issues of equality driving demand for male engagement rings, H Samuel says women are equally enthusiastic about them as a means of making it clear their men are spoken for….(Full Story and Comments)


F4L:  The article shows a photo of such a boy’s engagement ring.  The tiny diamond in the ring and the ring itself are unassuming and come at the low-low price of £79.99.  It appears very doubtful that many women would be happy to be “owned” at a price that low, but, hey, men come cheap for what potentially is a lifetime of servitude and more and more often turns out to be just a couple of years or less.  Why get carried away with spending too much on something that most likely won’t last very long anyway, right?

It may even be a better bargain yet if those women who wish to have men publicly declare that they are spoken for through wearing such a cheap ring were to go to the nearest country-hardware-store, there to purchase a nose ring for bulls.  Those rings are more obvious, come at a much lower price and lend themselves to attaching a chain.  That way it would be far easier for a woman to lead a man around by the nose.

What better way to not only declare ownership but to exercise it?  Besides, given the large number of men some women go through, those nose rings would even come cheaper by the dozen if a bit of haggling is done.

Oh, and by the way, in Europe it is now becoming more and more customary for wives to send their hubbies to work wearing chastity belts.  It is true, but the article I found on that is in German and would take more time to translate into English than I have available.

Nose rings and chastity belts, that is the way to go for men now.  What’s next, castration?  That is happening already, but how frequent will that become as time goes on?

Anyway, a man has to take such things like a man, laying down and not uttering a sound, right?  After all, the feminists rule the world and decide what a man is to be.  It is their turn now, they tell us, and when they say anything about men, men better listen.  Therefore, is it best not to object to what they say? Is that why so few men dare to say anything?

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