Seven children murdered (Doncaster, England)

Seven children murdered (Doncaster, England)

BBC News

2009 01 12

Children services inquiry ordered

An inquiry will be launched into children’s services at Doncaster Council, the BBC has learned.

It comes after serious case reviews were ordered into the deaths of seven children in the area….

In each case it was found social workers had missed opportunities to intervene and one review described the children’s services department as chaotic and dangerous….(Full Story)
F4L: The article states that in one case, “The baby’s father, James Howson, 25, was told he must spend a minimum of 22 years in prison after he was found guilty of murdering his daughter in the town,” and that “The baby’s mother, Tina Hunt, 25, was given a 12-month suspended sentence after admitting cruelty.”

Given that no other male perpetrators of child abuse were identified in the article, it is fairly safe to assume that the remaining perpetrators of fatal child abuse were all women.

The article does not identify whether James Howson was the natural father of the child whom he murdered.  An Internet search provided a number of articles that identify that Amy Howson was James Howson’s daughter, but that still does not make it clear whether he was her natural father.

As to how many of the murders were committed by the fathers of the children who were murdered, one article states, “Of the seven deaths being examined in serious case reviews, two of the children were murdered by their fathers and four were less than one year old at the time of their deaths,” which leaves it to anyone’s imagination who it was who murdered the other five children.

Without a doubt, the BBC’s anti-male bias is apparent but transparent.

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