Woman kills baby to hide consequence of premarital sex

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cnews, canoe.ca; Canada

2009 01 10

Dead baby’s family refuses to see mother
Woman kills baby to hide consequence of premarital sex


BARRIE [Ontario] — Tears of pain and anger flowed in a courtroom yesterday as the family of a baby girl found dead in a car trunk told a judge they never want to see the mother again.

Jody Ann Lee, 37, of Barrie, pleaded guilty to infanticide and failing to provide the necessities of life after police found her newborn baby girl stuffed into plastic bags in the trunk of her car Nov. 8, 2005.

Lee is allowed to spend three days a week with the surviving twin at her home where she lives with her parents as she awaits sentencing, court has heard….(Full Story The link no longer functions, and the Internet Archive does not have that page archived.)
F4L: The category of crime “infanticide” is less serious than manslaughter, available only to women and, generally without exception, results in a conditional sentence of two-years-less-a-day.

That means that most likely no portion of the sentence will be served in jail.  Even if a jail term would be served, the fact that such a sentence is for a term of two-years-less-a-day means that it will be served in a provincial jail, and mandatory release of the sentenced individual will take place after she was incarcerated for only one-third of the sentence (eight months).

However, it is very unlikely that Jody Ann Lee will spent any time being incarcerated. The taking of the life of the child she murdered does not mean that much. After all, she is considered to be the “real” victim, as she had to go through the trauma of having to hide from her parents the fact that she was pregnant.

When women kill there is always an excuse.

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