Sitter charged with baby’s death in dryer

Update 2019 01 12: Added links to related articles, and revised addendum.

Hamilton Spectator
Jan. 9, 2009 08:49 AM

GRETNA, La. – A Louisiana baby sitter is charged with second-degree murder after prosecutors say she put a baby into a spinning clothes dryer for disturbing her television watching.

Nineteen-year-old Arielle Smith was indicted by a grand jury Thursday for the baby’s September death in the New Orleans suburb of Harvey.

Authorities said 5-month-old Andre Jenkins died at the scene from skull fractures and burns suffered in the dryer….(Full Story)

Addendum, 2019 01 12: I tried to find out what sentence that baby sitter received, if any, and could not find anything on that.  Is there someone else who knows what the outcome of her trial was?

As of now, all I managed to find was this follow-up:


Harvey woman breaks down in midst of trial in death of baby in clothes dryer

Updated Nov 16, 2010

By Paul Purpura,

The Times-Picayune

A Harvey woman accused of killing her friend’s baby by putting him in a clothes dryer disrupted her trial shortly after testimony began Tuesday by flinging herself to the floor in front of a Jefferson Parish jury, sobbing and wailing the word, “No.”….(Full Story)

If precedents are anything to go by, her sobbing and wailing will without a doubt have had the desired influence and have served to reduce the severity of the sentence to the hoped-for extent.

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