Family court to men : Just shut up and pay

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National Post [Canada]

January 12, 2009

Lorne Gunter: Family court to men : Just shut up and pay

There is perhaps no area of law in which logic is so distorted as family law. Men are seen as only two things: deadbeats or moneybags.

Consider the case of Pasqualino Cornelio.

Mr. Cornelio is a Toronto man who was ordered before Christmas to continue paying child support to his ex-wife, even after it was proven the couple’s twin girls were fathered by another man with whom the former Mrs. Cornelio had had an extramarital affair while the couple was still together….Full Story (Sorry, but that link no longer functions.  2018 04 17: Fortunately, the full text of Lorne Gunter’s article is contained in the text of the discussion at this link.  By the way, that discussion and the comments that follow contain a lot of comments worth noting.)

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2 Responses to Family court to men : Just shut up and pay

  1. OcBeautiful says:
    November 17, 2010 at 10:33 pm

    You provided an example of, what? An example of one does not enable you to make an accurate projection to all men.

    Other than that, even the worst judge makes at least a pretense of hearing both sides of an argument and then decides where in between the truth may be. We have not heard from the father of our child, but even if he were to present his side of the story, we still cannot act as if this blog were a court of law. Right?

  2. OcBeautiful


    Here’s a prime example of how courts are against dads.

    My kid’s dad was married, had an affair with me while claiming to be divorcing his wife, lies to his wife, dodged the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) three and a half years. I filed a paternity action against him regarding paternity, custody, and child support. He never showed for mediation. Once he finally showed to court, he had to be forced to take a paternity test after arguing that he wasn’t the father of our child so he shouldn’t have to take a paternity test. He avoided the lab company, LabCorp, the court provided and decided to go rogue by taking a paternity test from an unheard of company. This paternity company that he claims he took a test with shares the exact same office suite as one of his businesses and the phone number of this lab company he found traced back to the address of his wife’s company. Now, our kid and his other kids, from several different women, look very similar to his other children. This man has not paid one dime to our kid even when I asked him to send money to help with rent at a time that I wasn’t working and I asked for less than $1000 to cover two months. Nothing. He hasn’t provided one dollar to our child. Now, DCSS has him and he wants to use every tactic in the world to say that DNA tests through LabCorp, that’s a national company, aren’t accredited but his little homegrown paternity company that shares the same address and phone number that links to him are to be trusted. Now, how could the judge not hold him in contempt and how could he not have to pay child support for the past, present, and future. Men like my kid’s dad are the reason courts are so against men. My kid’s dad has yet to take a paternity test and has given custody to me even before a final judgment hearing. Now, I guess he will eventually find out why he shouldn’t have given up his custodial rights so quickly in a few more weeks.

    My kid’s dad is an attorney so if a California attorney that’s represented by an attorney will pull this kind of mess, then imagine some of the crap that was pulled for judges to have a deaf ear towards men in court.

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