Credit-card thief prosecuted as sex-offender

Credit-card thief prosecuted as sex-offender

In a parody of justice, reaching for the absurd becomes the new normal, permitting thieves to be called sex offenders. All is fair when criminals are being manufactured to be punished, to protect the new “Aryans” against being exploited by the new “Jews.”

….Mr. Soucia was a thief: more precisely he stole a credit card. And, as a result, he was prosecuted “under the ‘Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act’.” How’s that!!

What gave the low-life prosecutor, aptly named James Conboy, the excuse was that the young man used the stolen credit to hire some strippers. In the logical world of Mr. Conboy: “If you commit a burglary and your goal is because of your own sexual gratification, it’s a sexually motivated felony.”

….Conboy admitted that by pretending that common theft was now a sex crime he could get a longer sentence for the offense. In addition the young thief will have to register as a dangerous sex offender….(Full Story)

F4L: The Nazis had laws like that (no, sorry, they didn’t; they just interpreted their laws any way they wanted), just to turn every Jew into a criminal. Why all the pretense with equitable justice for men?  Why not learn from how the Nazis dealt with what they had called, the Jewish question?

Most Jews sent by the Nazis to the concentration camps had not been sentenced to doing time with hard labour, not even to doing time for trumped-up criminal acts.  They were being taken into “protective custody.”

Would it not save a lot of effort, money and time if the male question were to be solved the same way?  Why not take all the men into “protective custody.” Why not?! Let’s stop pretending, and let’s get down to brass tacks.

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