Woman poisoned husband with Visine

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2009 01 10

Woman allegedly tried to kill hubby with eye drops

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A 40-year-old southwest Missouri woman is accused of trying to kill her husband by spiking his tea with a half bottle of Visine eye drops.

Greene County deputies said the woman was jailed Thursday night on $100,000 bond on a first-degree assault charge.
She was arrested late Wednesday after a co-worker told Greene County deputies that the woman told her about the plot to kill her husband….(Full Story)

Addendum 2019 01 13

Spousal Assault and Murder

Correctional Services of Canada  
Women convicted of Homicide Serving A Federal Sentence, Oct. 1998 

  •  “Descriptive statistics demonstrate that a contract killer was more common in the context of a spousal homicide [committed by women] compared to the other typologies.”

Considering that a significant number of homicides remain unsolved we can only deduce that the number of men killed by their female partners will never be known.

And what were the men doing when they were killed? Corrections Canada tells us that 

  • 33.3% were asleep or passed out, 
  • 35.7% were engaged in some other activity, 
  • 4.8% were arguing or assaulting the co-accused, 
  • 19% were arguing with the offender, 
  • 7.1% were assaulting the offender. 

The last three findings are not corroborated as the victims no longer can defend themselves.

55% of the women convicted for spousal homicide had prior criminal records. That just about closes the chapter on the innocent battered victim, considering that there are also those who have managed to remain anonymous as they had hired a contract killer

According to Toronto Police, in 1998 there were 52 homicides in Toronto.  (More…)


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