Paternity Fraud in Sweden

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Woman swaps dad after 43 years

Published: 10 Jan 09 10:54 CET

A 43-year-old woman swapped father during the week. Lund district court ruled that the man that she had grown up with and had recognized as her dad her whole life was no longer her father, Skånska Dagbladet reports.

The story dates back to 1965 when the man began dating the woman’s mother. A short time after she announced that she was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter in due course. The man, despite harboring doubts over his paternity, accepted that the child was his and signed the relevant legal papers to formally recognize his obligations.
“He was already then doubtful as to whether he could be the father to the child. He knew that she had had relations with another man,” the plaintiff’s lawyer Christina Davéus said to the Lund court.
The couple continued to date and had a further child together but the relationship did not last.
The status quo remained until 1994 when a blood test was carried out on the woman and the man that her mother had always said, and her legal father had always suspected, was her real father. Their blood matched and it was confirmed that the man that always acted as her father through the years, was not in fact her biological dad….(Full Story)

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